KBC error?

If that is thread “killed by computer” error? yep, you got it.

I *do *got it, but now I want to give it back.

For some reason, my post, except the header, never made it. Anyway, the question is does anyone have any idea what an error message KBC error means. I tried to boot my laptop and after displaying the Toshiba sign for a few seconds (normal) up came this error message and the system froze. I turned it off and tried again a couple times with the same result. The only thing it responds to is the on/off button. Can it be repaired and is it worth repairing? It is three years old and is used only as a backup.

Key Board Controller most likely. Check with a service center, but it’s probably a motherboard thing. Up to you whether it’s worth it to repair. Laptops are a lot like TV’s, often cheaper to buy than repair.

Some links:


Many thanks to Welby1. I unplugged the external mouse and it booted. Amazing. But I like the external mouse! You can boot without it and then plug it in, but then it works only at the default speed rather than the speed I have cranked it up to in the control panel. Well, that is better than nothing.