Keep my Mom in your Happy Thoughts

Just received an e-mail from my brother down in Missouri that my mom had to go into the hospital to have a growth removed from her thyroid. She’s home now, but they still need to do a biopsy. This type of growth is rarely malignant, but there’s still that 1% chance so I’d appreciate it if you all kept a warm thought in your hearts for her until we hear back.


((((Euty & family))))

You and yours will be in my thoughts.

Get well Eutcheyus Mom.

Absolutely Euty… You all have my prayers.

Get well thoughts are being thunk!

She will be in our prayers.

Man, it sucks when your mom is sick, doesn’t it? I know somewhat how you feel. i will keep lots of happy thoughts for your mom and for your family. I hope everything works out okay.

Warmest thoughts going to Missouri RIGHT NOW! (these are very bossy warm thoughts)

You got it.

Your family is in my thoughts. I hope you receive good news soon.


All my best.

It’s there.

My darling friend, your mom has my prayers and positive thoughts and love coming her way.

((((((((Euty mom)))))))))

I so wish I could do more.

But, love and prayers are all I can send. So, you have them.


Anything for you Euty.

Stop that! This is about YOUR MOM!!!

Consider it done, Euty.

And while you guys are at it, think of my uncle as well. He’s been through a LOT of shit in his life already - especially cancer. He lost his vocal cords in a throat cancer operation 5 years ago.
They have now scheduled him for surgery in three weeks time - his lungs show spots, and they’re afraid it’s cancer. On the bright side, it hadn’t spread to his glands, which is what the docs where afraid of. He’s had his life’s worth of radiation and chemo, so operations are the only way to keep him alive. If something’s inoperable, he dies.
If all’s well, they should only be removing a small part of one of his lungs, and he’ll be able to live pretty much the same. But then, there’s the fact that his liver showed anomalies as well. Suffice it to say I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Euty, I sincerely hope everything works out well for your mother, and yourself.
Coldfire, the same goes for you and your uncle.
Good thoughts and ::hugs::

warm thoughts

Wish I could do more.

Best wishes to your mother Euty.

An online friend recently went through removal of a large thyroid growth and is recovering nicely. I started a thread here that proved to be very helpful to her (thank you fellow dopers). If your mom is online, let me know via email and I’ll try to hook up the two of them. I know that my friend would be happy to reassure you mom.

PS: You too Coldy.


Prayers for your mom!


Prayers for your uncle!

In fact, prayers for all our SDMB members that may have a sick relative…on the house. :wink: