Keep the cheap seltzer coming!

Ever get on a kick just because you found it on sale at the grocery store? I hadn’t given seltzer much thought until I started seeing it for $.69/liter at Fairway. It’s cheaper than all other forms of bottled water, and I feel less silly about buying it since it’s something you can’t get out of the tap.

Today it was on sale for $.40/liter. That’s insane. Or maybe I’m just jaded by big city prices.

Not only is it piled high in the store, there are always huge pallets of it sitting on the sidewalk outside. Search isn’t working for me right now, but I remember someone complaining about the lack of seltzer in their neck of the woods. I recommend coming out to New York to stock up!

This concludes perhaps my most mundane and pointless post, ever. :slight_smile:

That is a fabulous price. Even the cheap stores around here charge .89 a liter.