Keith Richards' daughter arrested for marijuana possession

You’ve got to wonder what Keith’s reaction will be when he sees her.

“Marijuana? What are you - ten? When I was your age I was mxing methamphetamines and rhino tranquilizers and injecting it in my eyeballs - for breakfast!”

Good thing for her she looks like her mom rather than dad.

Keef often says that he rarely has his own stash and grabs some from his kids…

I wonder what the story is here - seems like a non-event…

Yeah; it’s more noteworthy that one can be arrested for possessing a bit of vegetable matter, yet can stockpile guns with impunity.

Theodora Richards was also found with a stash of heavy artillery?!?!?


Keith Richards’ daughter not in possession of illegal drugs.

Now that would be headline news.

In other news, the sun rose in the east this morning, a bear was observed defecating in the woods, and Generalissimo Franco is still dead.

It was a bit more than just drugs

Full story here

Actually, I have to disagree on that second part.

I still remember part of a story on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me after Richards had been in the news a few times (snorting his dad’s ashes, falling out of a palm tree, that sort of thing)…

“When Keith Richards dies, if indeed, he can die…”

Should I know what the letters T and A stand for?

:smack: :slight_smile:

She rolls like that.

Unfortunate that our Founding Fathers failed to see the necessity of a mellow, junk-food-craving militia.

[del]first and last letters of Theodora’s name[/del]

Tits & Ass, as immortalized in Chorus Lines’ Dance 10, looks 3

That’s wrong, all – she didn’t write “T&A,” she wrote (with a marker, not spray-paint) “T [heart] A.” Maybe she loves her sister Alexandra.

Graffiti-ing the convent is the only disturbing part of this story.

Actually, I’m surprised there wasn’t more.

Keith was very attractive up until about 1969 or so. The first time I saw the movie Rock & Roll Circus, I wondered who the girl was that was singing with the Stones.