Keith Richards snorted his dad's ashes

For real. All I can say is: thank god he plays a mean guitar, because he is clearly unfit for pretty much anything else…

Somehow, disturbingly, I wasn’t surprised at all when I read the article.

I think we can file this one under “Kids, don’t try this at home…”

I won’t. For one thing, how will I get Keith Richards’ father’s ashes?

I would like to snort Keith’s ashes, but he continues to stand upright.

Uh-huh. Was this before or after he had his blood changed?

Well, that does kinda explain the palm tree.

I thought it was bad when I spilled my mom!

At least he didn’t snort the ashes by themselves, I guess?

I’ll admit to being a little surprised by this one: if they were saying he did it decades ago, it’d be no big deal. But they say his father died in 2002, so it must have been within the last five years. Say this for Keef- he’s not slowing down with age.

Hoovers Daddy?

stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp

Hoovers Daddy?

I sincerely hope that Keith didn’t snort all his father’s ashes. The yield from a cremation of your average corpse amounts to between 4lb and 6lb.

Any mention if it gave him an increased high? Could be a niche market out there.

Actually, I wouldn’t doubt that Keith had enough coke to to cut in about 5 lbs of dad. I think he should call it Bag-Dad.

I have no problem with him dealing with the loss of his father in whatever way he felt appropriate. I do think it is weird that he would voluntarily share the information.

You know, it’s just possible that it’s a late breaking April Fool’s joke. Forgetting that two days have elapsed since the First is entirely plausible for Mr. Richards.

I’ll bet this is Keith’s say of grocking his dad. Frankly, people have put worse things than anshes in their bodies. I really don’t see anything wrong with it.

Yeah but the ashes of the man that sired you?

Kinda macabre don’t you think?

I believe the late Bill Hicks once said (in response to Richards’ surreal “don’t do drugs” PSA), “we can’t do drugs, Keith! You already did them all! We have to wait for you to die so we can smoke your ashes!

Keep in mind, when you cremate a body-you don’t just get ashes. You also get a lot of little bone fragments and what not. In fact, I think they end up having to crush some of the bones, or something like that.

That was a terrible pun and you should be shot. :wink:

Does it say something about me or Keith Richards if I’m not at all surprised by this?