Keith Richards is 70 Today...

Happy Birthday, Keef! 70 never looked like 120 any better :wink:

Proof that leading a moral life, clean living, never smoking or drinking alcohol or doing drugs, eating vegetarian, practicing yoga and avoiding temptations will lead to a long and successful life and career in Rock and Roll.

Let this be a lesson to you kids out there!

When he dies, can we dry him out, grind him up, and smoke him? :smiley:

His quips are quite good.

Happy birthday Keith.

70? He doesn’t look a day over 80!

A few years back, at one of Mick Jagger’s birthdays, someone commented on Mick’s crow’s feet. Mick said that they weren’t crow’s feet, they were laugh lines. Keith said “Nothing’s that funny.”

When he dies, he will be cremated. They will take the unusual step of announcing when and where before hand, so the faithful can gather down wind.

Isn’t he already dried out?

Christ, what the portrait in his attic must look like…

What a helluva guitar player but he must have the liver of an ox!

Something likethis, I imagine

It’s gone so far back it’s a sperm and an egg. :smiley: