In another thread you said, “…for Bob’s sake…”

Are you a member of the Church of the Subgenius? I think you are way to smart to only be a subgenius.


I dont know what that is…I just use it to not offend adam, and the other religous ones, and I heard it on Rugrats! :slight_smile:

Kellibelli – Pickle Clan Aficianado?

WOOHOO! I love Rugrats. BTW It was originally meant to be a joke religion but suddenly “Bob” started taking everything seriously. I still think it is funny. The objective of the religion is to get as much “slack” (where slack is the name of free time) as possible. BTW, I understand that you don’t want to offend Adam. I know he has never directly attacked me or anything, but if we met in person my whole life would be made an issue with him. :slight_smile: No offense Adam.

On another note, my absolute most favorite Rugrats episode (I really liked the movie too) was Runaway Angelica. It was so funny I nearly wet myself.

Talk to you later.

“People’s Poet don’t die, we’ll kill ourselves if you do, but first we’ll take off all our clothes.” The Young Ones

Oh Scotty, I love it when you talk dirty! :o

Sqrl, I am gonna go check that site out…see ya!

BTW, Kells. In answer to your previous, private query – the inner-thigh.

You’ve heard the phrase “Gettin’ down to the nitty-gritty!”

Let everyone else just wonder…

SqrlCub wrote, re the Church of the SubGenius:

Why, that description hardly does justice to the notion of SLACK! SLACK is so much more than mere “free time”. SLACK is what the Pinks and the Dupes are trying to deny your right to! SLACK is SLACK!

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.