Kelly and Ryan

It finally happened Live with Kelly is now Live with Kelly and Ryan Seacrest… Out of all the people, they picked one that will now make me not watch the show.

I’m not sure I’d be able to tell which was which.

Kelly and Ryan? Oh, how AWESOME! They were, like, the perfect trainwreck of a couple on The Office!

Kelly should have asked you first.

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Not a fan of the show (or Seacrest)) but Seacrest seems like a much better fit than the previous dude (sorry, I forget his name).

That other guy never seemed like he fit in.

I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but on my days off I usually have it on since it comes on right after the now=-insipid Good Morning America in my market.

Out of all the revolving co-hosts shes shad since Michaell Strahan left, I would’ve picked Seacrest as one of the better ones. Whatever your opinion of him may be, you can’t deny that he knows how to host. He’s also got better name recognition. Plus I wouldn’t be surprised if, by picking him, they’re also trying to maintain a younger demographic since it’s that demographic to which Seacrest plays.

Besides, he and Kelly have better chemistry than Kelly has had with many of her other guest co-hosts.

That is kind of surprising. I mean, how the heck many projects does that guy have? Or maybe a better question would be how many of him are there? I don’t want to say it seems a step *down *for him exactly; just not something I would have predicted for him. I wonder if there will be a clash of egos.

sorry next time I will start off with IMHO…:frowning:

Michael Strahan? I liked him on the show for that very reason. I don’t want two clones on the show together.

Am I missing something, or is Daddypants tossing a little snark out there? Per my first comment above; I agree with flaming yawn. I’d rather see a little more testosterone. Now it’s just two pretty people hosting a show.

I think NFL Hall of Famer and current 8 figure tv personality and sports analyst Michael Strahan made that version of the show.

Seacrest seems like the most uninspired choice possible.

I had my fingers crossed for Regis.

I loved Regis, just like I love Jar Jar, they arent for everyone but I liked “them.”
Yeah, I stopped watching once Regis left for good. Regis can be “overbearing” if you could call it that but basically, the show was Regis.

Just not the same anymore. I guess maybe its now all for the young crowd.

There’s no class, no seriousness, it doesnt seem dignified at times as it should be. Just party, games, prizes…game show atmosphere.

Do you really have to have all those contests to retain viewers or gain new ones? Every day there is a reason to have a contest!

I know Reeeeeg had them but good grief once “Kelly Lee” Gifford/Ripa came on board its a “free for all” (I know Lee is not her middle name) Not sure Regis even liked the direction in which the show was going.

Didnt like the Ripa at first. She grew on me but yeah…not by herself. Nice that she could do it all by herself but…

Does she ever have her kids on? I wondered how old, is his name Michael, the oldest child?

Her and husband was good. But yeah, gets old.

I looked at who became the new host and I had no idea who the hell he was without knowing the name.

Michael Strahan…he was ok.* **Why has he not had his teeth fixed? *** :smack::eek::dubious::confused:
Just…not what he needs to be…maybe he should just stick with strictly sports hosting. I wont even watch GMA if he is the person doing the piece. Isnt he just the token anything?

Because his teeth aren’t broken. And he doesn’t feel the need to get Hollywood perfect.