Kelly Preston has passed away

She was only 57.


John Travolta has had a lot of tragedy in his life. This is heartbreaking.

Those of us who have had breast cancer are understandably interested in more details about Kelly Preston’s situation. Some posters on the message board at have expressed hope that more details will be forthcoming. Breast cancer is one of those things where “everyone really is different,” like fingerprints. When you read the thousands of posts on that board (and other BC boards) you see that no one has exactly the same details that you do. And there are a zillion details, and one combs through them looking for help in making treatment decisions, dealing with side effects, follow-up care, and a bunch of other stuff. One’s doctor is only one source of information. Data from the trenches can be useful, even when the news is bad.

This utter uniqueness may apply to other types of cancer, too. Breast cancer is the only one I’m (way too) familiar with. I don’t intend to slight those who have struggled with other cancers or other diseases, for that matter.

I just saw the news of her death this morning. Very sad. I don’t think I had ever heard that she had breast cancer. When I read the story it mentioned the death of their son Jett at age 16. I had forgotten about that. That’s a lot to handle.

Don’t forget the death of his first love, Diana Hyland, also from breast cancer.