Ken Lay's Death is BOGUS

I don’t know what happened, but this death is just too convenient. Lay was friends with the most powerful men in the world and could have taken a lot of very powerful people with him if he wanted to make a plea bargain as the real depth of Enron’s corruption has never been nor will be fully explored. And now as a result of his death, it will never be. Remember, Cliff Baxter The Vice Chairman who ‘comitted suicide’ just before he was to testify before the House, a couple of days AFTER he hired body guards? Yes, I realize that to say he was murdered or is still alive with a face lift and new ID is a stretch, but the idea has occurred to me more than once. Something just does not seem quite right.

It’s certainly possible. It really does sound too dramatic, but it is a possibility.

Meh. If he was going to fake his death, he should have done it a long time ago, before legal costs and the feds used up his estate (his relatives are now complaining about being broke). I’ll admit I’d feel happier with a DNA test, open coffin funeral and a stake through the heart, but I think this is verging on the unlikely.

There’s the argument that he was killed by the Bush Administration, before he implicated them in his misdeeds, or blabbed what he knew about theirs. I have no idea if they did, but I find it perfectly believable that they would; it would be small potatoes compared to some of the other stuff they’ve done.

Yeah, but Lay honestly thought he was innocent and would be acquitted:

Just saying he could be pulling the oldest trick in the book, and everybody he ripped off would be falling for it.

Oh, great, now we have two kinds of conspiracy theories associated with Lay’s death. Again, common sense argues against: if Lay wanted to blab on the Bush (assuming he was aiming for a reduced sentence) he would have done it before his trial began, rather than antagonising the judges by going through the useless rigmarole of a trial and then turning squealer. Plus, he seems to have had a consistent belief that God would save him from serving his sentence (funny how that works out :D), so I doubt that he would have felt the need to try and rat anyhow.

And, for that matter, if the dastardly Bush administration was going to kill Lay (presumably while twirling their black moustaches and cackling), why do it now? Simpler and safer to do so when the first Enron scandal was detected, if they were worried about Lay turning patsy. On the other hand, if Skilling (name?) drops dead next week, you can bet I’ll be reconsidering my opinion.

You mean like the Clintons killling Vince Foster? Yeah, right.

Look, what secrets does Ken Lay and only Ken Lay know? If we start seeing all of his family and friends “disappear” in the next few weeks, then that might make sense. Otherwise, if you got evidence let’s see it. If you don’t, then you’re just one more conspiracy theorist, of which the world has an oversupply.

What you do you expect him to say, “Yep, the prosecutor has got me covered. This trial is a fomality, and I’ll be sent away to prison for a long time.”?

Of COURSE he’s going to maintain his innocence, even if he thought beating the rap was a long shot. Unless he was ready to plead guilty he’s going to loudly claim innocence.

And I distinctly remember hearing on the news that an autopsy was performed. I imagine they did some elementary identification on the body to confirm it was Lay.

here we go :rolleyes:

Well now, if we knew that, they wouldn’t be secrets would they?

He must have been under **enormous ** stress almost continously for several years. A heart attack isn’t terribly surprising.

Why yes, it’s all perfectly reasonable. He’s gone into hiding in Venezuela.

Hitler, JFK and Jimmy Hoffa needed a fourth person to sit in on their poker games.

[Crazy Conspiracy Theory]

If I were a public official earning a meager (in comparison with a CEO) salary and I was in charge of dealing with dead bodies, a couple million dollars to help someone fake their death would be a rather attractive offer.

[/Crazy Conspiracy Theory]

Although I would agree they’re done things morally worse, I don’t think they’ve done anything as legally risky. They know they’re going to have the support of plenty of Americans and no clear legal ramifications if they go to war over any damn reason, but if they get caught getting a guy whacked that’s another story.

Why do I smell a “What Bush would say if caught whacking Ken Lay” contest brewing?

Maybe a corporate desk surfer’s heart just gave up. Them 18 hole walks can only do so much to counter the excess of success. The man was under a tad of pressure to say the least. It’s not exactly a rare way for a man of his demographic to go.

Was there even an indication that he had more to say? I would think that anything he had to say would have been used in the trial or at least as leverage before it.

What about Elvis? You should have five for poker. I can see it now:

Elvis “Common baby! Daddy needs a new pair of blue suede shoes!”
Lay “I fold”
Hitler “NEIN!!!”
JFK “er aah…I need that two of spades like I need a hole in my head. Comaan Hoffa. You’ve been aah…uncharacteristicly tight-lipped tonight. Show us what you’ve got…”

Well, then someone should check the rafters at the funeral. The authorities might find Ken Lay, Tom Sawyer, and Huck Finn watching the ceremonies. Problem solved.

Bet he doesn’t think so. :smiley: