Kennedy: Ich bin ein berliner - What if he visited Hamburg instead?

When President Kennedy visited Berlin, he said…

“Ich bin ein Berliner” (“I am a Berliner”).

Now what if he had visited Hamburg instead?

“Ich bin ein Hamburger”?


Or Vienna?

Bangkok may have been appropriate, all things considered. :wink:

If it had been Denmark that had somehow had a wall built around it, would Kennedy have said, “I am a Danish”?

Close. A “berliner” is a jelly donut.

But, apparently not in Berlin. That item seems to be called Pfannkuchen there.


“Ich bin ein slider”?

He probably would have got kicked in the head by a gang of young toughs jealous over the attention their women were paying him.


Or even Rottweil

What if he had likened himself to someone born in a certain little village in Austria (known for having its signs repeatedly stolen by visiting English speakers), but who has lived in Berlin for most of his life?

(ETA: I just now realized I came this close to unintentionally Godwinizing this thread…)

You’re OK there, I think – haven’t heard that Braunau-am-Inn gets its town-limits signs stolen much, by visiting speakers of any particular language :slight_smile:


Imagine if he had visited this place.

Was going to carry on with the “almost-Godwinizing” humour; but took several glitches in a row stopping me from successfully “submitting reply”, as a sign suggesting that laying-off was indicated.

Yes, I think the joke was that he would then have said “ich bin ein Fucking-Berliner.”

Yup. Sorry if I was too vague – but I’m glad that Siam Sam and I think alike!