Kennedy Retiring from SCOTUS

Trump is creaming his pants . He wins all the big cases this week and now gets a 2nd pick.

Dems will fold like a cheap suit on the next pick. They might offer token opposition for a short time.

We’re fucked. Kennedy was often the voice of reason, moderating between the extremes. His replacement is likely to be somewhere to the right of Thomas.

Well, fuck.

I know, I know, you’re very upset at losing. Given the tantrum your side has thrown over the last year and a half, I have no doubt that some of them are filling their heads with dreams of court-packing. I still don’t think it’s going to happen, but keep dreaming.

pretty sure there will be no more Souter type judges who vote the “wrong” way after they get on the court. They will go over the record of anyone they pick with a fine tooth comb.

All else equal the same three, Donnelly IN, Manchin WV and Heitkamp ND would feel the same pressure in their 2018 reelection campaigns in heavily Trump states and probably vote yes.

The two basic things that might not be equal:

  1. If there’s a genuine non-partisan/non-ideological reason to vote against the nominee which there really wasn’t with Gorsuch.
  2. If for any reason the GOP can’t get 50 (plus VP tiebreaker) of their 51 to vote for the nominee. ‘Red state’ Democrats going along with the GOP on a vote the GOP would win anyway with its own members is one thing, bailing out the GOP when they don’t have the votes among their own members is another and would not happen I’d predict.

Too bad. I’d love to hear one of her opinions.

“Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining!”

Hopefully not some 55-75 year old person.

here is the official white house list for SC nominees as of last Nov.

Are you joking?

On the bright side (politically speaking), Democrats could hardly hope for a better motivator than the end of Roe v Wade. Terrible for women’s rights, but potentially amazing for future Democratic turnout.

But this SCOTUS escalation can’t possibly have a happy ending as long as it keeps going up in stakes. At some point, liberals will have a run and get an unbalanced court on their side. And it’s terrible to consider, but once a gun ruling comes down that the hardcore gun folks don’t like, and a Republican is back in the WH, then someone may start shooting justices.

When killing justices becomes a successful way to change the court, it’s hard to imagine how we come back from that.

They won’t hold hearings - because there won’t be time; they’ll rush straight through to the vote, and invoke the Nuclear Option like they did with Gorsuch.

I think Roe is safe, mainly because they need at least one of the two Republican women to vote for the nominee. However, I would not be one bit surprised if at least one state brings back a “marriage is between one man and one woman” law pretty much to get Obergefell “reconsidered.” (If you want to get pedantic, “Only marriages between one man and one woman are valid” is still in California’s Constitution; if Obergefell is overturned, somebody might make a claim that, since the statement was never actually repealed, it should go back into effect.)

However, this will now become a major campaign point for November

I think if you can survive with Brown intact you should feel blessed. Those cases are a bye bye.

The media only pays serious attention to Supreme Court nominee battles, but Trump has nominated scores of federal judges over the past 18 months. Based on the nominations that he’s made so far, two things are clear. His nominees are solidly conservative, and solidly intellectual. He wants judges who are very capable of making thoroughly professional, logical rulings. There’s no reason to believe that he’ll deviate from that pattern in his next Supreme Court pick.

I’m hoping for Don Willett, personally.

Who shot up Congresspeople they didn’t like? :rolleyes:

a lot of experts on both sides say Roe v. Wade won’t be overturned ever. I don’t know what they base that on , but I’ve read it several times. Can’t find a link now.

Crazy people. Thankfully, neither Giffords nor Scalise were killed.

Don’t project. Like you say, its crazy people who assassinate. The political environment is heated enough without bringing up offhanded threats of more assassinations.

Turnout that will…what? Get Democrats elected, and eventually put liberal SCOTUS justices on the bench, who will then restore Roe v. Wade? Then it’s square one.

But I don’t think SCOTUS will overturn Roe or Obergefell; they take stare decisis seriously, or at least likely 5 of them do or will.

Agreed. I don’t plan to make any threats at all.