Kenny Everett

Who is or was he? All I know is that he’s British, and was on TV during the sixties at least, but I can’t find out exactly what his niche was.

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I’m pretty sure he was a radio comedian of the Goon/Monty Python/Beyond the Fringe sort. I seem to recall hearing some of his stuff on Dr. Demento that featured a character named Sid Snot.

Kenny Everett was a television personality in England at the beginning of the '80’s who specialised in off-beat humour, mainly sketches where he portrayed different characters he’d come up with. I used to think he was funny, but then I was only about 12 years old and anybody with their own show was pretty cool.

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I remember catching his show from time to time in the 80’s. Sort of a sketch comedy kind of thing from what I can remember. It occasionally had the randowm music video thrown in. I can’t remember where I heard this, but I think he was a popular radio personality as well.

Now I know I’m old!

He was a disc jockey for decades (might have started on pirate radio, but certainly worked for the BBC).

Then he had a comedy show on TV for some years. Similar to Benny Hill, vulgar but not terribly rude. Sid Snot was one of his characters, but the one I remember best was an ‘actress’ with big hair, bust etc. The interviewer would ask about ‘her’ latest crude picture and Everett would make a huge sweeping gesture of crossing ‘her’ legs while showing ‘her’ underwear. The accompanying catchphrase ‘It’s all in the best POSSIBLE taste’ is still in my vocabulary!

I think Everett was at a Conservative Party rally doing a warmup for the faithful when, not realising the mike was live, he stated ‘Let’s bomb Russia!’.

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I remember Kenny Everett. I loved that show as a kid. I kind of thought of it as a thinking man’s Benny Hill. :.)

Kenny Everett (can’t remember his real name) started Pirate Radio. It was called Pirate, because they were on a ship, broadcasting from outside of the five mile zone, and their symbol was a skull and crossbones.

He started out as a standard DJ, but kept getting wackier and wackier, inventing characters, and doing bizarre melding of his voice multiple times to sing whole ditties as a hundred Kennys.

Anyway, he became good friends with the Beatles, getting heaps of exclusive interviews with them before they were the huge sensation, and beyond that era too.

Then he transformed his show to TV, calling it things like The Kenny Everett Video Show, because now he could use visual tricks, playing with a Quantel etc, as well.

Some of his most famous characters include:
The bikie, Sid Snot.
The punk, Gizzard Puke.
The porn starlet, Cupid Stunt. :wink:
The french ponce, Marcel Wave.

He died of AIDS (he was gay) in about 1991 I think.

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I’m sorry to hear that he died. I did hear his name linked with the Beatles, but a lot of people tried to affiliate themselves with the Beatles. Thank you for the info.

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
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I don’t think Kenny Everett started pirate radio (which is a generic term, not referring to any one station). He certainly was a DJ first and foremost, starting on pirate radio and moving to the mainstream (BBC Radio 1 - the “pop” station at the time), before moving into character comedy not entirely unlike Benny Hill.

I used to think he was funny, now I cringe when I see some of his stuff. He went doen in a lot people’s estimation when his support for the Conservatives became a big deal - introducing Party Conferences - I’m not sure that the cry of “Let’s bomb Russia” was accidental at all…

He didn’t start Pirate radio personally, but he was, according to his autobiography, the other DJ on the first UK Pirate radio station, called “Pirate Radio”.

And his relationship with the Beatles (mostly Paul I think) was from pre-megafame days. He used to drop LSD with them.

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