SNL question--Kenny Rogers

Last night they had a skit that was like a Kenny Rogers Apprentice type reality show.

In it they show his as acting all crazy and drunk and hitting the contestants. Maybe I’m out of the loop, but does Kenny Rogers really act like this? Even a little bit?

I’ve never heard of him being anything but a gentleman, but then, I don’t exactly follow news surrounding KR.

If he doesn’t actually act like that, he should sue or do something to SNL. It was a really horrible portrayal of a man I’ve always thought was nice and gentlemanly.

So, someone, please inform me, is KR really an obnoxious, violent, drunk?

I’m pretty sure that was MAD TV.

Yeah, you’re right. Well, still, same question, but substitute SNL with Mad TV.

Thanks for making me feel stoopid. :smiley:

This doesn’t answer your question directly, but MAD TV had a similar portrayal of Kenny Rodgers. Will Sasso used to play him as a child-like lunatic. I always thought the joke was that the impersonation was based on absolutely nothing, like Tracy Morgan’s Star Jones, or Family Guy’s Margot Kidder. In fact, Will Sasso actually explained that that was the joke by playing Kenny Rodgers straight in one sketch, and saying basically exactly what you said (i.e. “Kenny Rodgers really doesn’t act like that at all…he’s really a perfect gentleman…”). So anyway, maybe SNL is aping MAD TV’s gag.

Welp, looks like I took too long to post last time, so just shortened what I said to “Will Sasso explained that the impression isn’t really based on anything.”

Cool, that’s what I wanted to know.

It wasn’t even a funny skit. I mean, if KR really did act that way, maybe it would be funny, but he was acting more like Don, from Don’s Guns (local commercial) than KR in that skit.

Now, a skit about Don would be funny. Of course, only people from Indiana would get it, but still. :smiley:

I posed this question a few months ago. My guess is that Kenny Rogers is so bland that Sasso had to go to the exact opposite of the spectrum.

Kenny Rogers’ Jackass, before they played it out, was the funniest damn thing MadTV ever did.

I think the Margot Kidder thing might be because she went crazy and was found in the bushes one time. It was 5 years ago or so. She is bipolar or something. She got better again.

A friend of mine paid an obscene sum for a golfing vacation that had advertised Kenny Rogers as ‘celebrity host’ or some such that indicated that you’d get to rub elbows with him.

He said Kenny was aloof as all hell. He wasn’t mean or crazy, but he obviously didn’t want to be around ‘commoners’.

Actually it was in 1996:

It seems like only yesterday! Time flies when Margot Kidder is going loony.

If I may:

-It was Mad TV, not SNL.
-It *was *Will Sasso’s “Kenny Rogers” -he was on as a “Special Guest”.

Geez, I already acknowledged the error. :rolleyes:

Well, it was about the dumbest skit ever, especially now that I know for sure Kenny Rogers is not a violent, drunk, redneck. I wouldn’t put up with that if I werehim.

What’s he going to do about it? I would think that because it’s obviously a parody, it’s considered protected speech. Hey-Hustler once published a fake confession by Jerry Falwell that he lost his virginity to his own mother in their outhouse. Falwell tried to sue-and lost because it was parody, and thus, considered protected.

There was something creepy in Kenny Roger’s past that made the news about 10 years ago.
Something about phone sex.
Anyone else remember?