Kentuckians; is this for real?

I’m not sure where to post this, or even if I should post it at all. But;
I came across this article today in the San Francicso Chronicle.
Briefly, politians in Manchester, Kentucky are killing each other off. Now I know that people get murdered every day, but I really didn’t know this kind of stuff was still going on.
If it weren’t for people being hurt and killed it would be funny. Hell, it is funny. The situation, not the violence. I live near places with pretty high murder rates. I should be immune to it. But something about this story bamboozles me. I guess because I know it’s not a movie.
Can anyone make some sense of this?
Thank you for ‘listening’.

I didn’t read the link but their names aren’t Hatfield or McCoy are they?

While it is true, it’s not typical of the election season. Usually people just fling mud, not bullets. The Catron killing shocked just about everyone as far as I can tell. Kinda sad and more than a little stupid if you ask me but surely we’re not the only state that’s ever had politically motivated assassinations?