Now in the pit: Someone tried to shoot up an FBI office in Cincy {2022-08-11}

Story here:

I’ll see if I can find some other sources.

Apparently, the shooter is dressed in body armor. He tried to get past security at the FBI office, then exchanged gunfire with the agents there, then fled. Soon after, he was chased by the state police and is now pinned down in a corn field.

I suppose this could be connected to the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago, or it could be just a nutjob. I guess he’s a nutjob either way.

ETA: This link doesn’t appear to be paywalled: Armed man tries to breach Cincinnati FBI office, causing standoff

An FBI office? No way this is a coincidence.

Well, if it turns out this guy is a right-wing nutjob, rather than a regular nutjob, I’ll gladly ask the mods to move this out of MPSIMS into P&E or the Pit.

In Clinton County!

Well, he’s obviously not a right-wing nutjob if he still lives in that county! Must be a left-wing nutjob – they’ve always hated the FBI.

He opened fire with a nail gun! Then brandished an AR 15.

The right-wing nutjobs are attacking the British Film Institute field office.

Attacking an FBI office sounds like marching into the opposing teams spawn point…

Are you sure about that? From Skywatcher’s link:

That type of car screams I subscribe to at least 7 conspiracy theories

Also: angry white guy of a certain age.

Once they go into the cornfield, they don’t come out.

I wonder if one of our moderators was involved with getting the guy cornfielded.

“He was a bad man! He was a very bad man!


Is firing a nail gun at a federal employee a crime? I imagine showing him your AR 15 is.

If nothing else, it’s tacky.

Well, yes, but that doesn’t bother tacky people that carry firearms into Wal-Mart.

I feel like a mass shooting/nailed it meme would be in poor taste.

Only if you prefer the taste of hot lead to cold steel?

Not much more here from CNN:

Since we have limited info yet, going back to the nail gun assault question:

Not a perfect source, and I’m at work so not going to do a deep dive, but

Objects other than the obvious guns and knives can also be wielded as deadly weapons. For example, broken bottles, dogs, power tools, gardening tools, blunt objects, and boats have been used in the crime of assault with a deadly weapon.

So I’d say that most nail guns (.22, electrically or pneumatic powered) would probably fall under power tools, so I’d rate it as likely qualifying for assault with a deadly weapon.