Kerfuffle or kerfluffle?

In this thread, Atheist Princess used the word kerfuffle. Since that’s such a great word, I used it. But then Sattua said, no, it’s kerfluffle.

So which is it? Why? When do I use it? What does it mean?


Only a Godless commie would get it wrong.

I always say “kerfuffle”. I’m not quite a godless commie, but pretty close to it.

Definitely kerfuffle (i.e. without the extra L). Until I saw the other thread I’d never heard of the kerfluffle version.

Kerfuffle or Kafuffle

Merriam Webster says it’s kerfuffle.

According to this page, the spelling is kerfuffle, but it only became standardized in the 1960’s. Previous variants included “curfuffle, carfuffle, cafuffle, cafoufle, even gefuffle”. As I recall, Cecil wrote a classic column about the proper way to write the name of the Libyan strongman – the piece could have been (but was not) titled The Khadafy/Gadhafi/Qaddafi Kerfuffle.

(sulks in the corner)

it’s kerfluffle.

the OED says it’s kerfuffle, but it’s wrong.

Kerfuffle, one of my favourite words. I have never heard it pronounced as kerfluffle.

Don’t feel bad. Most of the people in that thread used kerfluffle, not kerfuffle. Hence, my confusion.

Hey – maybe it’s the verb?

“I saw all the cops outside; what’s the kerfuffle?”

“I don’t know, but I saw a guy kerfluffling at the clerk because he put too much ice in his drink.”

  1. Kurfuffle, one L, not two.
  2. Because that is the way I was taught.
  3. When you want to use a cutesified/entertaining way of saying to-do, hoopla, minor conflict…
  4. See 3) above.

-DF :slight_smile:

Oh, and I was paying attention to the thread and it looked like it was mostly the one L version being used, but I’m not going to go back and count.

I once started a bit of a kerfuffle on another board when I asked a poster named Kerfuffle what happened to his other L.

Got room in that corner, Sattua?

My kerfuffle died last year. He ate some rat poisoning.

Definitely kerfuffle (one l).

I’ve seen this word everywhere lately. What started it?

Well, sure, if you want to get all technical with, like, facts and stuff. :wink:
It’s just that, you know, Sattua has this bigger than life personality, so I was bedazzled and, um, so yeah. Plus, you know, with these, like closed toe shoes and all, it’s hard to count. And, um . . . did I mention that Sattua has this. . . . oh, yeah. I did.

And Sattua is blowing raspberries at Campion.

i gotcher kerfuffle right here.

Right back atcha, Sattua. :smiley:

Another vote for kerfluffle. And I wonder how I know this word. I don’t recall ever having heard or read it.

I’ve never heard of kerfluffle before! On the other hand, I’ve often found kerfuffle to be a useful little word… so descriptive and yet fun to say :slight_smile: