Kervorkian/"My Sharona" connection

I normally dismiss “Internet Lists” out of hand. One thing I read once that did intrigue me, that I have not found one way or the other, is that “Dr. Death’s” attorney, Gary Fieger, is the brother of The Knack’s Doug Fieger. (I’m not sure about the spelling.)

I haven’t seen this verified, and if true, it might be unverifiable, since I can easily see why each one might not admit to being related to the other.

I don’t know that it’s true, but they were both raised in suburban Detroit, are two years apart in age (Geoffrey, 1950, Doug, 1952), and have similar facial features. Could be brothers, cousins, or coincidence.


According to Michael Moore’s book “Adventures in a TV Nation” they are brothers.

Come a little closer, baby
Here I come
Kill you and I make you…


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Yep, it’s totally true. My sister was in AA with their mom. It’s not that big a stretch of the imagination if you see them both. They look quite a lot alike.

But, yeah, they certainly seem to have chosen quite different vocations, eh?


I don’t know if the vocations are all that different…Geoffrey was getting quite a groove on when he was running for the gubernatorial nomination a while back… :slight_smile:

It is true about the Fiegers being brothers.
My friend lives on the same lake that Fieger has a summer home. ( A brush with fame)

Another interesting tidbit about Geoffrey Feiger is that before he went to law school, he majored ( minored, I can’t remember, it’s been awhile since the election coverage) in theater (drama?) and does not use notes when in the court room. He is very eloquent, so I’ve heard, and juries are impressed with his ability to “do all the lawyerly stuff” without any crib notes.