Dave Dave Dies, or My God! I Remember this Story!

Omigod! I remember this story when it happened!

David Rothenberg was 6 years old when he was deliberately set on fire by his father.

I remember reading it at first in the newspaper, and can actually feel remnants of the horror and disgust of my reaction. Clearly, I remember feeling it, but now, the story just elicits sadness. Both for his death, and what Dave Dave went through.

I hadn’t thought about the story in years.

It’s an odd detached feeling to remember feeling a strong emotion once upon a time, and return to it years later after no reflection of it at all in the time in between. Strange.

RIP Dave Dave. Rot in hell, prison inmate who did that to Dave in 1983.

I remember it, too. The father did it to punish his wife or ex-wife, IIRC?

Yes. Same old sad story in cases like these.

Dave appears to have been infinity plus times the better man than his father.

It was also a TV movie that is now on You Tube. IIRC, his sperm donor was a career criminal (who has since done something that led to him being incarcerated for life) and his wife divorced him shortly after David’s birth, because he went to prison. When he got out, he sued successfully for visitation rights, and kidnapped David and then did what he did, in part to punish his ex and also ostensibly so he could get out of paying child support.