Ketchup on Pizza?!? and other wierd international eating habits

In Trinidad, ketchup is a typical dipping sauce for pizza. Never got around to trying it, it just sounds too gross.
Any other wierd eating habits around the world?

More Pizza stuff.

My mom’s second husband is from Tehran and his thing with pizza was thousand island dressing.

Happily, she’s moved on to #3 who is from Chicago. His only weirdness that I’ve found is liking Spam.

I find dipping french fries in mayonnaise to be weird, but if you go around the world, you’ll find all kinds of “gross” eating habits. Weird is as weird does.

When I visited my sister in Japan, we ordered a sausage pizza, and received a pizza with sliced Vienna sausages all over it. And, of course, ketchup squirted all over it. :: pukey smiley ::

I can’t say if I like Spam, because I’ve never tried it, not even once. It seems to me too much like cat food. Which is ridiculous, because I sometimes eat tuna, which is packaged like Spam. And I’ve eaten ants in Colombia, but I still won’t eat Spam. My refusal to eat Spam is probably weirder than someone’s liking Spam.

When visiting New Zealand I was nonplussed when I discovered that they consider canned beet (aka “beet root”) a legitimate hamburger topping. I tried it and did not care for it. On the other hand, I wish that potato wedges with sour cream were more common here in Canada. Those are sheer brilliance.

A few of the British backpackers I met during that trip could not be convinced that peanut butter and jam go well together in sandwiches.

The Tehranian would do well in Louisiana and Mississippi. That, and French dressing (isn’t that just ketchup and mayonnaise anyways? I’m an O&V gal, so I don’t know), are quite common there.
#3 ain’t that weird. He’d be happy in Hawaii, where they love the stuff.cite by the master

Nonsense, every one knows the proper dipping sauce for pizza is ranch dressing.

And the proper dip for fries and potato wedges is ranch dressing.

The proper condement for any sandwich (especially BLT) is ranch dressing.

And the best way to get unsightly stains out of the carpet is…

…Ranch dressing.

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A vendor from Denmark said that his kid put ketchup on spaghetti - and since he is originally from Italy he found that to be sinful.

My girlfriend likes to dip her PB&J in chicken noodle soup. She’s from exotic Pittsburgh.

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Catfood comes out of the tin in one big solid block?

In Dave Barry Does Japan he talks about the Japanese putti ng corn of pizza
Of course, I was surprised when I ordered spaghetti in Rome, Italy, and found that, among the pasta and the sauce, it had peas.

Are you my wife? I just came in to mention her ways, and here it is. We go through a big bottle of ranch ever other week. No matter what we are eating, I have to put a dollop of ranch on her plate. It’s madness I tell you!

Spam is not terrible. It’s also not great. They’d have to sell it for way less a pound than ham to get me to buy it. Maybe about 50 cents a pound.

Ketchup on pizza isn’t what I’d want, but it’s still a tomato sauce, so it’s not gross. In the 70’s a number of fast snacks kids can make articles had ketchup for the pizza sauce on english muffin pizza or the like. Not the best tasting, but not inedible for a hungry kid.

I thought this until I tried it, It’s bloody good I tells ya.

The maple syrup/bacon thing that Americans indulge in, is, I feel quite disgusting

Sheckstress enjoys corn, olives (green, not black) and a chopped egg on her pizza.

Up here, however, it’s all about pizza and mayo!

When eating pizza hut in brasil, I had to get garlic, oregano, basil and salt. The sauce was nothing more than ketchup!

Yeah, but you’re from England, where they eat chip sandwiches. Good nutrition, innit?

I’m with you on that.

Seriously, in any country, you find some people who eat something weird. And there are also a lot of misconceptions. Many Latin Americans think that all Asians eat dog.

I went through a phase of trying various supposed classic food items recently, and you’re quite right; Spam smells pretty much exactly like catfood, and tastes pretty much as I imagine catfood would. The texture is very different, though - think a sort of slimy sponge rubber with gristly overtones, and you’re nearly there. Fried, it’s not quite so repulsive, but this is assuredly not a recommendation.

I baited our mousetraps with some, and while we didn’t catch the mouse, he left shortly afterwards, presumably for a house with better food.

Bovril also turns out to be disgusting, and surprisingly flavourless. I gave up on this phase before long.

Wait - Papa John’s Pizza in the UK supply all their pizzas with dipping sauces - one of which is ketchup. Is this just a British peculiarity?

Nothing better than a chip barm, melted butter oozing down the sides.

No but your wife and my wife may just be related.

Until I married her I never realized how many varietys of ranch dressing there are, and at one point had at least 8 different flavors in the fridge.