Ketchup popsicles

I love ketchup. I don’t care what brand it is, It’s like tomato wine!

But this is a bit over the top. Still I wonder why it took so long for somebody to do it. Doesn’t appeal to me. But still going to try one if I get the chance. How about you?

Well, ketchup is already nearly one-quarter sugar (3.7g sugar per tablespoon of 17g), which is more than some popsicles (e.g., a nearly 5-tablespoon Outshine fruit bar has 15g sugars).

So it’s not like it wouldn’t be sweet enough.

It’s just for selling to women in white gloves.

Mustard more your speed for frozen treats?

Obligatory Tommy Boy reference…

And then there are the unspeakable things the Japanese have done to ice cream…

Excuse me, I need to go throw up.


I personally wouldn’t want one, but when it was brought to my attention by a Canadian friend of mine last week, I thought aloud that while it isn’t to my taste, a popsicle made from some of the older V-8 blends would have been nice - the ones that were a mix of different juices including tomato, which were geared more towards non-tomato based juice drinkers in their original marketing.

Actually, I think this is brilliant. Not the ketchup-flavored popsicle, which I’m sure tastes terrible. But what this does is to associate French’s (previously known primarily as a brand of yellow mustard) with ketchup. I know that the only ketchup brands that I can think of are Heinz or Hunt’s and if this strengthens French’s brand in the ketchup business, it will have been a huge success.

A minute ago I didn’t know about this. I miss that time.

I’m now wondering when someone’s going to add vodka and spices to approximate a bloody mary slushy.

I’m sure it’s been done and I’m here for it!

I have successfully made “White Russian” ice cream using vodka, coffee, cream, and sugar, so why not?

That sounds good, actually, DPRK.

And I like ketchup on burgers, hot dogs and fries, but this sounds revolting. No thanks!

There ya go!!

I’d eat a bloody mary-flavored popsicle - I love them, and it’s basically cold, spicy tomato juice.

Gazpacho is cold tomato (etc.) soup, too.

As long as the popsicle wasn’t billed as a SWEET treat, it could work.

While this sounds amazing, I still prefer my bananas foster milkshake - homemade bananas foster with a bit extra good dark rum, chilled in the freezer, pulsed in the blender, with a couple of scoops of a good vanilla ice cream added for a few additional pulses, poured into a chilled mug.

I’ll be making a batch of these this weekend.

Ketchup ice cream is on the list of things I won’t eat, like snails and haggis.