Ketchy Shuby?

I’m listening to Peter Tosh’s song Ketchy Shuby and can’t figure out what the lyrics mean. A snipit is below. Any ideas?

Sex, Mon…I got this information from the Rasta/Patois Dictionary at

KETCHY-CHUBY: It can be a sexual term meaning the man throw it and the woman catch it! It can also mean a game - life’s game, how to see through today to meet tomorrow and all the games of life as in “life is just a ketchy-chuby game.”

My best guess is that Ketchy Shuby is a child’s catching game (Catchy… something). Tosh is of course turning this into a sexual innuendo (let’s play catch and toss all night!).

Was this bumped by a spammer, or did something else prompt you to raise an ancient one reply thread with a wild guess?

I totally agree with you. Definitely about sex. I believe he is also using criket as a metaphor because catching and throwing is metaphor commonly used when referring to sex. It’s quite hilarious and very catchy shuby

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I immediately thought of a shubb capo, catching on the guitar neck.

That’s the only time I’ve ever heard shubb used. It’s a fantastic capo. Bit hard to adjust playing live.

Yeah, I’m a music geek. :wink:

I don’t recall. Probably I listened to the song for the first time and came looking for answers.