Keurig One Cup Coffee Makers

I’ve been seeing sales for Keurig one cup coffee maker and others like it. One thing is that you have to buy their “portion packets” to make coffee.

Other similar kinds of one cup brewers seem to also have these special coffee packets you have to use

I’ve been Googling around and see there are some kinds of devices that allow you to use any coffee in the machines. But as usual with the Internet, I’ve read some things on those don’t work, or they break or the grounds muck up the machine so you have to stick with the pre-packaged packets

Just was wondering if anyone owns this type or other similiar type of one cup brewers and what their opinon is? Do you have to use their packets of coffee or is there wa workaround to it?

My friend has a reusable cup that is actually made by Keurig (this one) and has no trouble with it.

My Keurig came with a “use your own coffee” cup, though I’ve only used it once or twice. I got the bundle from CostCo, which included the maker, several dozen cups of coffee, and the aforementioned device.

I love mine, having been introduced to the concept (and initially skeptical) at work. If you shudder at spending roughly 40 cents per cup, then be forewarned. I’ve found that Amazon typically has the best prices on the coffee if you buy enough to get free shipping. My favs: “Donut Shop” and Kona, but I tend to like lighter flavours for my coffee.

I don’t mind the intial layout, but I was wondering about the cost, that’s why I wanted to be sure that you could use your own coffee

40 cents a cup is $9.60 for a box of 24…where are you finding that? I just now ordered for about 50 cents per K-cup.

As for the Keurig itself, it’s way cheaper than buying coffee off the street, and there is minimal cleanup compared to a coffee pot. Plus we can brew up extra bold for the in-laws when they come over, and still have what we want (which ain’t extra bold).

We were lucky enough to just receive one as a gift from my FIL.

I am in absolute heaven. Before this, I would rarely make coffee at home because of the time and cleanup. Plus, now that my wife is pregnant, she can make a decaf or hot chocolate and I can still have my coffee. Also, ours has a setting for iced drinks, so I can have my iced coffee in the summer.

The Donut Shop was good coffee. Ours also came with a box of Emeril coffee, which is surprisingly good.

We have one, and I have tried the reusable cup that came with ours. It is definitely a little messy. It’s hard for me to get the grounds in that little cup without getting them all over the counter too. I figured out the hard way that you shouldn’t overfill it, otherwise it gets really messy when it runs. It’s kind of too much of a PITA to use regularly, so we stick to the K cups.

I still prefer the taste of coffee made the old fashioned way, but the Keurig is good for MrRancher’s one off cups since he doesn’t want to bother with a pot just for himself…and he doesn’t like coffee flavored coffee, so he always adds a syrup to it. At that point, it doesn’t really matter how good the coffee started out tasting.

My mom has one and she completely loves it. Now that she spends a lot of time at home by herself (Dad travels for work), and it’s not worth the effort to make a pot of coffee for one person, and she loves that the keurig is fast and easy. It came with a permanent cup so you can use your own coffee, but she never uses it.
It seems to me that it would make a perfect work coffeemaker, keeping you from being at the mercy of the communal pot of badly made coffee.

I’ve had one for a couple of months. The $0.43 cost per cup is a little high compared to brewing by the pot, but it’s way less than street value, and since I leave the house far earlier than my wife gets up I never made a pot at home so the first cup of the day actually saves me a buck or two.

On the weekends it slows down my coffee drinking. If I’d brewed a pot, I would drink it just because otherwise it’d go to waste. Now I’ll have two cups, rarely three. In general I love it. I haven’t tried that little cup that came with it. It looks messy, and the expense of the coffee is not a burden.

I interned at a small law firm that had one in the break room. It truly was the ideal coffee system for an office. No one has to wash the pot or set up a new pot (or complain that someone else didn’t…) No syrupy burnt coffee that’s been sitting for 5 hours…

The office had a standing order for 2 or 3 k-cup options, then every once in the while the delivery dude would give us a promotional box, and then for a week the office would discuss how weird and bad the promo flavor was, then it would all settle down to normal. :slight_smile:

I got one for my birthday this year. Love it.

I love coffee, but I live alone, so the really neat coffee maker that I had, which did the bean-grinding and brewing in one swell foop, was totally kickass, but it was kind of being wasted; I was just tired of wiring myself up like a meth-addict on the weekends from drinking entire pots of coffee all to myself.

Things work great for me as I only ever drink coffee at home on the weekends - during the week I drink office coffee … which also comes from a Keurig.

It’s not like its difficult to find the K-cups.

My mom has one and just loves it. While I was visiting over Thanksgiving, we made a discovery - I’d had one cup and hadn’t thrown out the used K-cup. Decided I’d like a second cup, and without telling Mom, I just re-used the first K-cup. I couldn’t tell a difference in taste. I think I used the dark roast, and it was maybe an hour later. YMMV, but if you’re not uber-picky, you could save some $$ this way.

We have one at work. Instead of the “no one ever makes a fresh pot” problem, we have the “no one ever changes out the empty jug of water” problem. At least you don’t need to switch that as often as you might need to make a new pot of coffee.

I’m kind of underwhelmed. Our newest model breaks less frequently than the previous one, and it seems to heat up water faster than the old one did. However, the coffee itself has been so-so. Maybe it’s the kinds that our admin assistant is ordering, but she tends to get stuff like Gloria Jean, Green Mountain (?), and the occasional Newman’s Own, which are at least not bottom-shelf varieties.

I have a broken toe so walking is difficult, and right now I’m leaning towards going to buy some soda on a different floor of the building over walking to the suite next door and making some free coffee.

It is.

Well… was.

Back in golden days when my company had a lot of money to throw around (particularly for sales and marketing folks), one of our little perks was a Keurig machine in the breakroom. I found it brewed the tea a bit too strong for my tastes, but the coffee was surprisingly good and much better than the old twenty-cup commercial coffeemaker that came before it. Still nowhere near the top-notch coffee I make at home using my snooty-pants micro-batch roastery beans, but reasonably good for work coffee.

Plus you got the coffee you wanted - no need to put up with peaches n’ cream flavoured decaf just because someone decided to brew a giant pot of the stuff just before you got to the breakroom. :stuck_out_tongue:

I miss those days. :frowning:

My wife fell in love with the Keurig but absolutely would not justify it for the two or so cups of coffee she drinks on the weekends.

Then one day I was walking through a store and found this. A single-cup drip filter cone (uses Melitta #2 filters) that fits on top of an insulated mug. You can use any type of drip coffee, plain or fancy.

Total cost, $9. Of course, you have to actually heat up the water yourself, but she considered that a fair trade.

You can put pods from a melitta 1;1 pod brewer into the kcup adaptor, or you can buy a perfect pod maker and make your own custom pods with your favorite brand of coffee or tea and shove that into the kcup adapter. If the grounds are enclosed in the paper pods, no grounds in the coffee, and no mess =)

I have one in my office at work. I like it a lot. The coffee is good. The reusable thing seems pretty worthless to me. It defeats the whole point of the machine (a quick easy cup of joe). If you are going to fill little filters you might as well get one of those one cup cone filters. They look easier to use than filling a tiny cup.

You can’t beat it for use in an office workplace.

My mom just bought one. She had never seen one until I took her to my boyfriend’s workplace.

She loves it for the choices. She can’t have caffeine and she likes flavored coffee. My step-dad and step-brother drink regular with caffeine. When I visit, I’d rather have tea or hot chocolate.

So, she buys a nice mix so whatever she wants that day is what she gets.

The cleanup is very easy and it really doesn’t take up much more space than my coffeepot. I find her Keurig to be cleaner than my regular setup because I have a habit of hitting the side of the filter with the coffee spoon, which then spills grounds all over the place.

She hasn’t used the reusable cups and probably wouldn’t since it would defeat the point (range of choices) for her.

Seems like everyone likes it, but it does seem kind of extravagant to me. How long does it take to chuck out your cone-filter waste or give your French press a rinse? We’re talking “ease” savings of seconds. And while tea and hot chocolate is nice…uh…making tea and hot chocolate is not exactly a herculean task. I mean, I guess you have to let tea brew for a few minutes and maybe that’s a dealbreaker, but hot chocolate is freaking instant!

I dunno, just seems expensive.