Kevin & Kell—11/19. What the heck...?

I…don’t suppose anyone here could explain the 11/19/03 “Kevin and Kell” strip to me? It seems to have gone over my head.

I mean, it’s not quite at the “Cow Tools” level of hard-to-understand, but it’s tryin’ to be…

Seems pretty obvious to me: the porn is so raunchy, it’s peeling the wallpaper off the walls. It’s a bit of a stretch for a lame gag, but that’s Kevin and Kell for ya.

And, just to brag, I got “Cow Tools” the first time I saw it.

or is it a parallel between computer wallpaper and ‘real life’ wall paper?


Remove computer wallpaper = Remove real wallpaper

Huh? If it was about wallpaper then why put the delete porn caption? No, I was thinking along the same lines as Miller.

But he was deleting porn, not looking at it. And did he download it first in order to delete it?