keyboard and mouse freezes

My keyboard and mouse freeze silmultaneously. It’s getting really annoying. I have to reboot all the time. Sometimes I will only have rebooted a few minutes before and it freezes again.

Note it is just the keyboard and the mouse that freeze not the actual computer itself. If, for example, I am downloading something when the keyboard and mouse freeze, the download continues as normal - I can see it progressing on the screen. I just can’t do anything with the mouse or keyboard and have to reboot.

Both keyboard and mouse are reasonably new so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them. And in any case the fact they both freeze at the same time would suggest something else. The computer itself is getting pretty old (I think 1999) but I dunno whether that would really be a factor although the fan can be a bit loud at times (possible overheating?).

I’ve done various virus/spyware scans but not found anything obvious (one or two remnants of past spyware) but maybe I’m missing something. In any case I don’t get any other usual symptoms of spyware - pop ups, redirects etc - it’s just this freezing thing.

The computer has in recent weeks turned itself off a few times. No fanfare it just turns itself off and then you can’t turn it back on again. I managed to get it to turn on again by changing the fuse in the plug but my housemate says it’s happened to him and he has just kind of “fiddled” with the fuse and then it’s worked again.

Dunno what’s going on with this but it hasn’t turned itself off for a couple of weeks now so maybe it’s stopped doing that. And I don’t know whether that was connected to the mouse/keyboard thing which is still ongoing.

Anyone got any ideas?

I’m on windows 98 and IE.

How do they connect? PS2 or USB?

They are just plugged into the back - USB I think??

One thing that you can try that won’t hurt anything and has a decent chance of helping is to reinstall both the mouse and keyboard drivers.

You just go into the Device Manger under the System control panel to do that. The first thing you want to look for is any drivers that have errors. They will show with little error bubbles. If there are none, expand the tree for the mouse, go to the driver and uninstall. Scan for harware changes and it should reinstall it for you. You may have to reboot but I don’t think so. Do the same thing for the keyboard if you need to later. I recommend on at a time.

I’ve had to reboot twice whilst typing this reply because it froze. If I go to device manager and click on the plus next to “Mouse” it expands to say:

PS/2 Compatible Mouse Port

If I highlight that and click on Properties I get a box with three tabs - General, Driver and Resources. General says - This device is working properly. Driver gives me two options - Driver File Details (which tells me where the driver files are located) and Update Driver - I tried this but it tells me I have the best driver available on my my harddrive. Resources says something about Interrupt Request being 12 - don’t understand this but anyway, it says there are no conflicts.

If I go to keyboard in Device Manager and expand the plus sign it says:

Standard 101/102-key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard

If I highlight that and click properties, I get the same sort of thing.

I don’t know how I uninstall and then reinstall these.

Even if it says it’s OK, it may not be, You can either go into the driver tab or right click on it in the tree to uninstall the driver. The mouse should still work if you unistall the driver. Reinstalling means scanning the system for hardware changes through a right mouse click in the driver tree. Start with the mouse and then see if you need to do the keyboard. It won’t hurt anything but I can’t say if that will solve the problem. I give it 50/50.

ok done (I think).

I highlighted the mouse and clicked on “remove”. After that the mouse didn’t work so I rebooted. On restart, it automatically found and installed the mouse driver. Then I did the same with the keyboard.

Seems to be working at the moment but will have to wait half an hour or so to see if it freezes again.

No still freezes.

Is it possible that the box at the back which the keyboard and mouse plug into is just too old and needs replacing?

Unfortunately, I have to say that it sounds like you may want to look into the possibility of a hardware (possibly motherboard :() problem… I’d suggest getting the box to a tech, if at al possible.

What if she buys a USB mouse and keyboard instead of the PS/2 that she seems to have now? That might do the trick.

It occurs to me that you may not be a She, which I assumed from your username. Sorry if I was incorrect.