Keyboard with arrow keys on left

I’m a righty. I like to play games on my computer but I’ve always hated using WASD.

I know that some “left-handed” keyboards have the arrow keys on the left but most of them just move the keypad to the left (which is workable) and are generally pricey (like $100, which I refuse to pay for a stupid keyboard on principle). There are modular keyboards but those are expensive as well.

Does anyone know of a decent, low-priced “left-handed” keyboard? And why do most lefty keyboards move the keypad but not the arrows?

Do what I did for my dad; just pop out the keys on a cheap keyboard, place them as you see fit and just remap the keys the way you like. If that doesn’t work out for you, Fentek are currently has a left-handed model on sale for about $40. (

ETA: Ack, that one has the arrows on the right. Well, they also have one with the arrows on the right, but that’s $100.

But isn’t that just the same as WASD but the keys marked differently?

I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear; I swapped the arrow keys to the left CTRL, WIN, ALT and the <> key (which are the bottom left keys on a Norwegian keyboard layout.) Though you can really do whatever you takes your fancy.

Evoluent makes a mouse-friendly keyboard, with the arrow keys on the left - I can vouch for their mice, at least.
There’s also the Microsoft Sidewinder as well.

I think this gaming keyboard might work.

It still has arrows on the right, but the “special gaming area” on the left also looks like it does, or could probably be configured that way. I have seen other gaming keyboards like it that have this kind of extra keyspace on the left.

I’d actually recommend just getting a gaming pad, which you can then combine with any keyboard you like. You’re a lot more likely to be able to get exactly the configuration you want that way.

I second this. It’s funny, this is the second time tonight I’ve recommended this - I use a Belkin N52TE speedpad (here’s the new model with fancy Razer branding, but essentially identical to mine).

It allows you to break out your “gaming keys” separately, with a nice wristwrest, d-pad and mouse wheel for your troubles. It also has a nice software config tool that lets you remap keys, create macros, and create profiles for specific games. If you don’t like the design of this one, there are a few options from Logitech and others along the same lines.

I had an N52 a long time ago and the keys were really stiff, especially if you weren’t pressing straight down on them.

Are they better now?

I had a first gen N52, and I felt the same. I got a replacement when the “space” key next to my thumb started sticking, and the N52TE has turned out way better. Aside from the better key travel, it’s got a nice backlight, and the d-pad has a removable “nubstick” insert which gives it more of an analog stick feel, and is a bit easier on the thumbs especially if you use it for movement (which I do for Cod:MW).

I’ve heard the Razer-branded model is nearly identical hardware-wise, except for a new chipset that allows you to store different profiles and keymaps onboard instead of running the software in the background.

My brother-in-law has the Logitech G13, and he quite likes it, since it has many more keys (25), and has an LCD screen that can show in-game stats.

You can get super cheap add-on 10-key pads that are used on laptops by accountants and the like. You could probably pick one of those up, place it on the left of your keyboard and use those arrows.

You know I didn’t even think about that. I’ll definitely look into it.