kferr, I want to publicly shame you

Where are my pictures, huh? HUH?!? Should I have to beg and plead for you to send them, so that I can publish them? Is it not enough that while you were out enjoying yourself; probably not even thinking of me at all, I was stuck at home, in Germany of all the miserable places, with a bad cold and a sick, snot-nosed child? Do you know how depressing snot is?

What did I ever do, that you should treat me so badly? Do you not like the way I crop the pictures? Or the fonts I use? Tell me, I can change, I want to change. I want to do this for you, for us.

And far be it for me to threaten, but need I remind you of a certain moderator who was slow in sending me pictures? Got a little suprise in the mail, didn’t he? And when I’m not busy, it gives me lots of time to plot and scheme. I here RyanAir is about to put tickets to London on sale again…
[sub]Ruadh, you really shouldn’t encourage me like this…;)[/sub]

I’m regretting it already :eek:

Still don’t have any pics, either.

But mostly my head hurts.


Yowza! Attacked by tatertot in MPSIMS! :eek: This will do my reputation a world of good! :smiley:

I don’t think they’ll do your sore head any good, but the photos are on their way.


**Ah, mother hood…
it just warms the cockles of my heart!

Whatever do you mean by that?

I’ll put the pics up sometime soon, first I gotta take care of this pesky newsletter. Ugh. Work is such an inconvience.

And the child is still snot-nosed, and at the moment pudding smeared and half-naked. I am so going to win mother of the year!