Kid gloves for woke posters

The moderation is notoriously partisan on this board and I just wanted to point out another example. I don’t think it’s deliberate or anything but when the woke posters get moderated their moderations look like:

modnote This thread is getting too personal. Not just GIGObuster , but many of the posters in thread. Either debate the merits of the posts and not the posters or take it to the pit.

When non-woke poster engage in offensive behavior, the moderation is much more specific and does not diffuse blame to the general population.

See about post 450ish

Woke posters? I am thinking the title might poison the conversation a mite.

Can you give us an example of similar offensive behavior from a ‘non-woke poster’ so we can see for ourselves if the moderation is different?

Many right wing positions incorporate (often explicitly) less tolerance, a lack of respect for the dignity and rights of other human beings. So it’s not a coincidence that holding right wing views tends to be associated with jerkish and disrespectful behavior. If you’re seeing a difference in the way right-leaning and left-leaning posters are moderated, the correlation is not because of the right/left difference per se, it’s because of the associated tendency toward jerkish behavior.

To paraphrase Colbert, fighting ignorance and engaging in civilized and respectful discourse has a well-known liberal bias.

Is woke a bad word now?

Like SJW, it’s a term I’ve only heard used by those who are attacking the concept or making fun of it.

Kid gloves? That’s a fucking laugh…

I’m proudly woke, and I’ve never had any sense that the mods were favouring me at all - until recently, quite the opposite. Now I think the new mods are neutral. But before that? Not a damn.

I think there is a lot to ridicule about the woke mentality but I am using the term as a descriptor not a put down.

I don’t think “progressive” is specific enough but feel free to replace the word woke with the word progressive if that makes discussion easier.

Which post did you want molded? The worst thing he said was responding to you bringing up civil war with “you’d like that wouldn’t you” which is pretty tame.

It’s a term that was explicitly popularized and used by its proponents, so I think that has more to do with the fact that you didn’t become super aware of it until there was a backlash against it.

I agree that the OP needs more than a single example to make some kind of argument here.

For much of the thread, he prefaces his posts with stuff like “that’s because you are ignorant …” But even if that wasn’t the case, what do you see from “many of the other posters as well” that would justify telling everyone else to knock it off? Moderation should be clear enough so that we can identify the offensive action. It’s like that one kid in class that starts a shoving match and the teacher comes in and tells everyone to knock it off.

So first you reference post 450 onwards, which I read and didn’t find any reference to what you claim.

I then filtered the thread to show only his 88 posts (as of right now). I skimmed through and saw a couple times where he says something like “this is wrong” or “this is where ignorance about X shines through” but I admit I didn’t carefully read all 88 of his posts. Do you have any actual examples of specific posts you feel should have been modded but were not?

I think you might be missing the point. It’s not that he should have been modded more. It’s that when he was modded, he wasn’t actually modded. The moderation was towards everyone. Not everyone engaged in offensive behavior.

See post 461 of that thread.

WHAT offensive behavior? If he said “you are a lying ignorant POS” and got away with it you’d have a point, but everything I saw in that thread is a clear example of “attack the post, not the poster”. He wasn’t molded because he didn’t necessarily need to be, but the thread was toeing closer to the line so a mod dropped a note reminding everyone (but especially your apparent nemesis) to cool it.

Like I said, I didn’t read all 88 of their posts, so if there are posts there that you think actually deserved to be molded, please link them. Otherwise, I really don’t see the issue.

Ok, after I posted I see you’ve gone back and referenced post 461. Brb.

To a slight extent, the woke posters do get a longer leash. Take Budget Player Cadet, for instance, when he was still with us - it took 2 suspensions and 17 warnings before he got banned.

(I actually liked BPC, so I’m not saying this out of spite or animosity. But it’s hard to imagine a conservative getting that long a leash.)

Ok, I went back and looked at post 461. It isn’t actually a post by Gigobuster but by you complaining about the moderation. I really don’t get your complaint. My reading of the mod note is that no one has crossed a line or needs to be moderated, but the thread in general is heating up. The mod responded to Gigo’s post but made it clear it wasn’t a note directed at them, but at everybody, reminding them to keep it impersonal and direct criticism at the post, not the poster.

You created this thread claiming that Woke people are treated with kid gloves. Your evidence is that in that thread, where the so called woke poster didn’t do anything that you consider moddable, they weren’t modded. What?

I am asking who else needed to be told to simmer down? Point to a post of “many other posters” that needed to calm down.

ZosterSandstorm, for one, and for essentially the same exact sort of post as GIGObuster

I took the time to remind people of the golden rule of GD and P&E:

Attack the post and not the poster.

Gigobuster didn’t really push that hard and I saw at a fast glance other posts also get up to the line.

There was no need for warnings and I hope there will not be a need for warnings. Better to take a deep breath calm down or take it to the Pit.