Kid gloves for woke posters

'Preciate that, but I don’t think that would make it worth my time to wander over there…

Then use a better term like “underage”.

whatever dude

Going from a standardized test to a lottery is not a “weak” change but we can keep that discussion in that other thread.

I said nothing about that. I just said that being creepy, in and of itself, is shameful.

In this post What Exit moderates the thread and calls out both GIGO and myself.

I had complained about GIGO’s posts before but somehow this is when the moderation happens.

GIGO’s posts are frequently disrespectful and bordering on insulting and when it is pointed out nothing happens or the moderation goes both ways. In the OP thread GIGO engages in this sort of crappy behavior early and often and it isn’t until others respond to him in kind that moderation occurs.

This is the sort of thing that creates complaints about uneven moderation.

I modnoted both of you specifically. GIGO’s post are indeed disrespectful and bordering on insulting. Very close to too much.
But you actually went past that with the last line of this post. (My Bolding)

Now I feel you’ve been getting provoked by GIGO. So the note wasn’t even aimed at you. I’m asking both of you to take it down a notch or better yet not make it personal at all.

You both are spending far more time debating the posts in the thread so I was hoping to just get the thread clear of the personal conflict.

Let me add, thank you for taking the question here.

Oh crap, I thought I had deleted that last line. There was a bunch of other stuff after that that I did delete (thankfully).

I withdrawn my whine.

Really no problem. I’m glad we could clear it up.

Actually, American Republicans do kind of have a monopoly on a certain kind of whiny jerkish behavior, at least compared to other western democracies. They are more in-line far right with anti-democratic parties in authoritarian regimes. Given that, it’s not surprising that they struggle with abiding with the rules of a board that is trying to promote the exchange of ideas from diverse groups of people.

This happened in my lifetime though. In the 60s & 70s a significant part of the Dems were the outlier. I really think it all starts with and centers on the Dixiecrats. They took the Republican party down a terrible road.

And dammit, it was my man Reagan that reeled them in.

I think that’s both insulting and incorrect.

There’s evidence for the first bit.

Modhat time: OK guys, me too. This part of the discussion should have its own thread in either P&E or The Pit. Not more here please.

The magnet school thread was closed again two weeks ago. No reason was given besides it being a “mess” and a promise that some unspecified people ought to be “issued warnings” and no followup has come since January 27.

It seems pretty apparent that any thread in which long-time registrants in the ideological mainstream here are making fools of themselves has a short shelf life. GIGOBuster repeatedly made the thread unreadable by posting literal gibberish and MrDibble advanced barely on-topic ideas so outlandish as to be trolling then repeatedly did parting shot mic-drops in which he proclaimed his refusal to engage in any sort of discussion, returning over and over again for another one, without any kind of sanction. Instead of reigning in the people who were making the thread unusable the mods looked for reasons to discipline those arguing on the other side and then, when they ran out of any possible way to do that, closed the thread (twice).

In my opinion, all the posts about how advanced education shouldn’t exist at all ought to have been separated to another thread as some sort of first attempt to salvage the discussion. Failing that, the moderators could at least be clear about what the standards are. If any of the following topics are, de facto, not allowed to be discussed on this board, then just make it a rule instead of forcing us to guess:

*Anti-Asian racism on the part of liberals or leftists
*Public school admissions policies
*Whether some people are more academically capable than other people and how the education system should respond to that situation

Right now it seems that those topics are at a minimum considered borderline - witness how quickly they get chased out of any other thread. I honestly don’t know if starting a new thread about the topic of selective school admissions is allowed or not, or what the staff believes the problem with the existing thread was. There is continuing news about the TJ and Lowell stories that belongs in any discussion of the issue but right now it’s effectively a shadowbanned topic on this board.

Had to have a good long think about it all, did we?

And just so we’re clear, I only did one leaving of the thread.

Stating I wasn’t responding to you, and your calling children “slow-witted”, “dumb” and “stupid”, specifically, doesn’t count as a mic-drop. Just a response.

And I also take issue with you characterizing a currently-active and successful pedagogical method as

It seems pretty clear that all those topics are allowed. The thing they’ll shut down is a topic with more sniping than genuine discussion. Frankly I think when limited to the original discussion topic there really wasn’t that much meat on the bone, so the actual topic died pretty quickly.

Of note too is that most of the oxygen for the topics came from what the bigoted Trump administration was doing with this wedge issue.

I was going to let this complaint from ZosterSandstorm to go unanswered, but he also bumped the tread where damuriajashi did get away with declaring all “woke” supporters of diversity as being idiots, with a “clarification” that he wanted to delete that line, the mod let it go. However IIRC that would not have flown in the past as it is clear that posters would use that “out” again and again, and it is happening when him and his group are still declaring other posters in favor of diversity or other progressive ideas as “woke”, the meaning damur gave to that word remains.

As for the ZosterSandstorm repeated claims that I post gibberish, more than once I admitted my grammar is a crime against nature, but it is clear the even DemonTree showed him that she does understand me, as many others do. Suffice to say, is that most grammar Nazis that me and many others in the SDMB have encountered before are the ones that usually get banned.

I and many others. :wink:

ETA. I wish I spoke your language as well as you speak mine.