Kid gloves for woke posters

I think he identified as a progressive, despite having so many positions that were not remotely progressive. All right, I rescind my example.

It’s not so much about the moderators themselves as it is that a comment that is contrary to the majority is naturally likelier to get people flagging it than vice versa. It’s like being a Red Sox fan on a general-baseball forum that is 80% Yankees.

“The Red Sox are a cheating, thuggish organization” - nothing; the poster is just telling the truth.

“The Yankees are a cheating, thuggish organization” - flag and get the mods’ attention; the poster must be trolling with disingenuous intent!

This seems like the most likely explanation. So the solution is to flag more liberal stuff that crosses the line. I don’t often flag things even when I disagree with them, so maybe some of us have to be more vigilant.

Remember if you do flag a post, please use Use Something Else and explain it

Well, as pointed out by the mods, this is not as you think.

The pattern me and others noted has been to dismiss the evidence and testimony presented, specially ignored by ZosterSandstorm in that thread, some there do think that only opinions are enough to counter all people in academia that supports diversity, hence the observation that there is a bit of mistrust of Asian intellectuals going on in the effort to dismiss even weak changes to increase diversity in elite schools.

Even evidence found by the Attorney General from Virginia regarding the discrimination of Blacks and Hispanics trying to get in the elite school is dismissed only with opinions.

Lets not bring that argument into this thread.

That’s probably wise. Further googling would probably reveal that apocryphal is American South African for I don’t believe your claim that you really have that fetish, which kinda lets the air out of the “shaming people for their sexuality” accusation.

Why is it “creepy” for a 21 yo man to date or marry a 19yo woman? That’s pretty damn common.

Adults are adults, they get to make their own choices in life.

How do they moderate “American League teams aren’t really playing baseball except when their pitchers take their turn at bat, so fuck both the Yankees and the Red Sox.”?

Probably threadshitting, I guess.

We allow that in the Game Room though.

Come on, man. If they are adults, they are not teenage girls. Don’t look for ways to nitpick what people say.

'Preciate that, but I don’t think that would make it worth my time to wander over there…

Then use a better term like “underage”.

whatever dude

Going from a standardized test to a lottery is not a “weak” change but we can keep that discussion in that other thread.

I said nothing about that. I just said that being creepy, in and of itself, is shameful.

In this post What Exit moderates the thread and calls out both GIGO and myself.

I had complained about GIGO’s posts before but somehow this is when the moderation happens.

GIGO’s posts are frequently disrespectful and bordering on insulting and when it is pointed out nothing happens or the moderation goes both ways. In the OP thread GIGO engages in this sort of crappy behavior early and often and it isn’t until others respond to him in kind that moderation occurs.

This is the sort of thing that creates complaints about uneven moderation.

I modnoted both of you specifically. GIGO’s post are indeed disrespectful and bordering on insulting. Very close to too much.
But you actually went past that with the last line of this post. (My Bolding)

Now I feel you’ve been getting provoked by GIGO. So the note wasn’t even aimed at you. I’m asking both of you to take it down a notch or better yet not make it personal at all.

You both are spending far more time debating the posts in the thread so I was hoping to just get the thread clear of the personal conflict.

Let me add, thank you for taking the question here.

Oh crap, I thought I had deleted that last line. There was a bunch of other stuff after that that I did delete (thankfully).

I withdrawn my whine.

Really no problem. I’m glad we could clear it up.