Kid gloves for woke posters

It’s unclear what’s going on there anyway. Careful Googling shows me that futanari is a term for androgynous or hermaphroditic porn. Later MrDibble describes something (the same thing?) as “fantasizing about teenage girls.” I’m not gonna go down that rabbit hole to investigate the veracity of that claim, nor do I particularly want someone else to do it for me. But those come across as very very different things to me, and whatever the crappiness of shaming someone for the former may be, it’s okay to shame a grown-ass man for talking creepily about teenage girls.

Yeah I was confused about that, too.

If they are 18 or 19, it’s OK. I mean they are adults.

It started with a discussion where Slack wrote about a 14 yo teenage trans girl in a decidedly salacious manner (the particular expression that grossed me out was his lewd description of her ‘sudsing “her” cock in the shower’)

When it was brought it up sometime later, without specifics, as just “fantasising about teen girls in the shower” (Because TWAW) Slack didn’t recall that post, but chose to wax quite lyrical (The term “newly voluptuous” was used quite unashamedly) about 16 year old girls.

So I give exactly zero fucks about needling him over both those things. That’s not “hate speech” about someone’s sexuality. “Pansexual hebe/ephebophile” isn’t a sexuality, it’s a problem.

It’s always ok to shame creeps for being creepy creeps about anything. Creepiness is not ok, even if legal.

And to think of how terribly we treated Cesario!

Yeah, I learned my lesson about being tolerant of creeps in that one. Quite embarrassing, now.

Oof. I’m surprised this wasn’t modded. Talking about children in a sexual way should be grounds for banning, IMO.

Well, this would be the time for all the conservatives to come forward and present their evidence that liberals are moderated unfairly. I think we’ve established pretty clearly that Shodan got away with murder.

I’m not a conservative but other than the mind reading exercise we would have to engage in to condemn Shodan, how did he get away with murder? Is there something he didn’t get modded for or are you saying he got away with murder because he didn’t get banned sooner as a result of the biased modding?

I think the progressive bias in modding (at least in the past, it sounds like there is a new modding regime) was pretty clear to anyone that was paying attention. If things have changed and the modding has hit a reset button, then this one incident is not evidence of a pattern, it’s just one datapoint. If we see this sort of thing happen disproportionately, then it becomes a pattern.

That sounds like a very distorted version of reality.
Conservatives do not have a monopoly on assholes, idiots or whiny bitches.

He openly boasted about trolling people, as far back as 2008. I wasn’t here for his banning so I don’t know what led up to that.

And how was the trolling people in a way that didn’t require everyone to read his mind?

You may have missed the post I linked to upthread. It had nothing to do with the Regards, Shodan thing.

You mean this post where he says:

[quote]Correct, IMO. With the caveat that sometimes I am fully aware that posting something will cause the Usual Suspects to go berserk, and still post it for the sheer entertainment value of watching the meltdowns.

I don’t consider that trolling, but it verges on feeding the trolls.[/quote]

Not sure how this is getting away with murder but YMMV.

MM most certainly does vary. He doesn’t have to consider it trolling for it to be trolling. People have been banned for far less.

I don’t know if it can vary that much. He doesn’t actually boast about trolling there. In fact he claims it is not trolling. And who has been banned for far less?

What he describes doing in that post is definitely trolling the way we currently evaluate it on the board.

He could claim whatever bullshit he liked, but “post it for the sheer entertainment value of watching the meltdowns” is like a textbook definition of trolling.

To repeat: He doesn’t have to consider it trolling for it to be trolling.

Slackerinc comes to mind. I’m not saying I disagree with the decision, but “trolling” was defined a lot more broadly with Slacker’s posts than it was with Shodan’s. So there’s at least one example of a liberal poster being treated more harshly than a conservative one.

ISTM that the “maaaaaaaaybeeee I really mean something rude when I say something polite!” teasing is a blatantly trollish approach.

Even the Schroedinger’s-insult “Regards” signoff falls in that category.

If you explicitly declare that you always use “Regards” as “shorthand” for “fuck you, you meerkat-molesting slimebucket”, then whenever you type “Regards” you are avowedly insulting another poster, and that earns you disciplinary action, except in the Pit.

If you don’t say anything about your use of “Regards” but just think to yourself occasionally when typing it “what I really mean here is ‘fuck you, you meerkat-molesting slimebucket’”, then you’re not insulting or trolling anybody, because you haven’t told anybody that you sometimes think of this signoff as an insult.

But if you deliberately set up your interactions with other posters so that they know you sometimes mean “Regards” as a personal insult, but you’re just not going to tell them when, then yeah, I don’t see how you can call that anything but trolling.

IIRC: Slacker may be a poor example. He was warned a lot, suspended several times and finally done in by bringing racist posting into an ATMB thread protesting a title change in a pit thread. He was heading for a banning.

BTW: I think Slacker had a very long leash. So many warnings. But, was he even a right winger? Politically he seemed like a racist moderate. I don’t think all racists are right wingers.