Kid Nation 11/14: "Not Even Close To Fair"

With 50% of their members having received Gold Stars, the Green District feels high and mighty. The suggestion comes: let’s rearrange the district! Red needs someone intellgent, so they take Nathan. Blue takes Emilie in order to whip her lazy ass in shape. Yellow takes Blaine because they need someone strong. Green takes no one because Green is the best- according to Laurel. Greg becomes disappointed that his friend has been taken away and attempts to sleep in Yellow’s bunkhouse. Nobody on Red likes Nathan, and everyone yells at Guylan. Jared goes crazy- crazier than usual, I mean- using his lollipop/pimp cane to threaten Guylan, “You’re off the council, ASAP. I can only give you one piece of advice: lock your cell door tonight.” Jared isn’t too fond of Nathan, either- mainly because he sings in his sleep. But after church service, Mike and the Red District become more attached to Nathan. Greg gets angry at Anjay after some weird Titanic analogy. (How would that even end positively- the ship sank, but it still made millions of bucks at the box office?) Anjay hopes the team will come together, but Olivia gets angry for splitting the originally-named “Greg and Blaine team” up. The challenge opens with a tough decision even before the prize decision: you must carry rocks to the finish line. Do you want to carry fewer rocks to be first, or carry more rocks to help the town win the reward? Red decides to go for more rocks, but although they get the most- sacrificing getting in any place besides last- it’s not enough. The combined weight is less than 2,000 pounds, so the town is deprived of either beds for everyone or a lounge. Guylan claims that everyone was more interested in the status than the prize, which causes Sophia to swear a cuss at him. But Blaine proved he was an asset for Yellow by helping them get second place. Sophia apolgizes to Guylan, but he knows he’s disliked as a leader. Blaine soon fits in with Yellow and gets them up and at them. Up and AT THEM! And Blue succeeds in getting Emilie to work. So all ends well- except for Randi, who misses her mother and decides to go home, which makes both Taylor and God cry. Blaine and Hunter (who cleans up when no one else will) are the nominees for Gold Star. Blaine ends up winning. Only he is pleased with the job the Council is doing: the always-outspoken Sophia is angry at Laurel’s conceitedness and reluctance to accept a new recruit, whereas Greg is proud of Laurel for the same reason, stating that Mallory is more of a man than Anjay is. So it’s time for a reelection! DK vs. Guylan, Blaine vs. Zach, Greg vs. Anjay, and Michael vs. Laurel. Wait a minute: this is the same thing that happened in California! They hated the guy they had and voted him out, They hated that guy and voted him out. So the new town council is obviously going to be four Arnold Schwarzeneggers.

Next week: “Let Me Talk!” Please repeat last five sentences.

I can’t fault Laurel for wanting to keep Green together. It’s not like they were winning all the showdowns. Weren’t they in last place four or five times? Upper Class just once?

I think Michael’s the only one who has a chance at deposing her, but why does he want to? Maybe he just wants a chance to sit on the Council. Can’t blame him for that.

Anjay’s a nice kid, but a bad group leader, and we haven’t seen him contribute much to the Council either.

Finally, a couple more kids get some camera time.


That was just a couple of blank lines for the OP. :wink:

Hooray for reelections. It is clear to me that Greg and Blaine will get elected. DK, of course will too. This will be an interesting council.

What I don’t get, at all, is the faces of tragedy and disaster from Laurel when anonymous kid #26 says he is going to run against her. So what? Does she really worry that she will be voted out? And actually, she should be begging everyone to vote her out so she can get her gold star.

I don’t get it. Is this a reference to when Sophia said " ?"

I think it’s army-surplus blank lines for the OP to use in formatting that singular paragraph… :slight_smile:

Wow, it is kind of big. I didn’t notice that. Maybe I should just write these things in rhyme every week.

Nah, just for the big block of text that filled my screen edge to edge. j/k

iambic pentameter, perchance? (I really enjoy your summaries BTW- you catch the spirit of eh show!).

Jared is a nut. Someone had to say it.

It was kind of poignant for me that Blaine needed to get away from his bestest buddy Greg in order to shine, and he knew it. But Greg had to throw a tantrum. Blaine is clearly the better man… too bad he lacked the backbone to assert himself earlier, but he’s a kid, he’ll learn.

Why all the Nathan hate? Just because he’s weird? He works his ass off.

I also don’t get any negativity for Laurel. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. She was right to do what she did, and her district should be supporting her, not tearing her down for it. I’ll be most interested in how that election goes. The other three seem like no-brainers.

Laurel was pretty selfish in refusing to break up her district. A lot of the ill will towards the council can be attributed to just that. And does anyone know what Sophie said to Guylan? It looked like “Fuck off, Guylan!” but that doesn’t sound insulting enough.

Funny about Greg & Blaine, they got broken up but now it looks like they might be on the council together. They’ll probably end up ruling the town like a military junta. Cool.

Has what’s-her-name (the girl who left) ever been shown before tonight? I’d probably care more about her leaving if I knew who she was. (At least I got to see Taylor cry again!)

Randy or Randi – yeah, I think this was the first we’ve seen of her. I thought Greg had convinced her to stay.

Greg – one minute he’s all caring and cooperative and the next minute he’s yelling at Anjay that little Olivia “is more of a man than you are”. It’s interesting that Blaine seems almost relieved to be away from Greg. Those two wouldn’t have been friends in the real world, methinks.

Not sure about that. To me it looked more like the opposite. They were ticked that their leaders didn’t have the resolve to do what Laurel did.

Maybe editing was responsible, but I liked seeing the dynamic with Emilie, getting a fresh start in a new group. How often does that happen in real life? It’s good that she was mature enough to use the opportunity.

And yet, Anjay gets no credit for totally rehabilitating her. That’s what’s Not Even Close to Fair. He did a really selfless, genuinely group-minded thing, and petty, immature Greg and Olivia just jumped all over him. I wish he were articulate enough to stand up for himself. He could point to Blaine and say, “Are you not happier?” and to Emilie. That was his doing. It took courage.

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