Kid Nation 11/7: "Starved For Entertainment."

Day 23. The town is so starved for entertainment (just like the title of this episode!) that the most popular game is Lie On The Ground And Do Nothing. So, with apologies to Theo S. Geisel…

The sun, it did shine,
But there’s nothing to play.
So we sat on the ground
For the rest of the day.

Sophia, she sat down,
The rest of us too.
And we said, “how we wish
We had something to do!”

Then an idea came
From the Town Council’s head.
Not a funny-brimmed cat,
A talent show instead.

Then off to prepare
All the townkids did do.
There was comedy, singing
And Bill Shakespeare, too.

Natasha and Migle
Acted lazy and dumb
And were compared to Nicole
And Paris by some.
(Just don’t ask Alex
What that reference is from.)

Greg and his Blue cronies
Gave the duo a throwdown:
You’d better do work
Or we’ll all throw the showdown.

The threat, it was empty,
They didn’t plan to do it.
But Natasha and Migle
Were convinced, and got to it.

But, not all of the townskids
Were cunning and plucky,
Savannah was homesick
And missed dear Kentucky.

The showdown had townskids
Make paintings with gum,
Leaving a big mess
And making jaws numb.

Green made upper class
For the very first time,
With a red-colored horse
That was covered in slime.

But time ran out before
Yellow could get done
Denying the kids paint
Or some party fun.

The talent show was
Immediately forthwith.
Jared read a selection from
Henry the Fifth.

Greg and Blaine made a silly
Shakespearean duo.
There was music and singing
Before the night was through-o.
(Hey, even Dr. Seuss had to stretch for a rhyme once in a while. “Nimbley” and “chimbley?”)

Olivia did comedy,
And Kennedy’s dance
Was so gosh-darn wacky
The kids were entranced.

All in all, it was quite
A hilarious day.
So much so, Savannah
Decided to stay.

Kennedy’s antics proved
She was talented by far.
And she, she herself,
Kennedy got the Gold Star.

Next week: “Not Even Close To Fair”
Looks quite strange,
As the four Town Districts
Plan to rearrange.

Bra-VO! clap clap clap clap clap clap whistle whistle whistle clap stomp clap yay woo hoooooooooooooo!

I finally figured out who Olivia reminds me of – a young Hillary Clinton!

Wow. A lot of new faces on this episode.

The lazy girls had never gotten any camera. There was also a girl they showed at the Council that hadn’t gotten on screen at all. Also one girl at the talent show.

What is up with the Asian girl? For someone who has never said anything more relevant than “Yes, Taylor” she is getting a lot of screen time. One can only wonder what disaster will befall her next week.

Sophia once again entertains with the laying on the middle of the street bit. She just keeps going up my list.

Good to see green on top. I am sure it was by sheer desire that they won that challenge.

Olivia for a gold star? really? Funny how the fact that her sister already has one was never brought up.

Sucky rewards for the challenge, btw. No big loss for not earning it. Still, shame on Yellow. They could have easily done it.

ugh. Very true.

Thank you. When I saw the previews for next week’s show last week and saw the shot of all the kids lying on the ground bored, the first few lines of The Cat in the Hat ran through my head and I thought, “Hey, why not do a Dr. Seuss parody next time?”

And Divad is still angry she didn’t get the Gold Star. Did she do anything in the Talent Show? This week’s Gold Star was linked to the Talent Show.

True. All those kids and buckets of paint? Neither award would fit the ambience of Bonanza City.

And yes to the other – if Zach hadn’t been so squicked out by spit, they would have made it.

The journal’s starting to really tick me off. We’ll never know what the kids could have done if they were really making their own decisions.

[Crazed Hollywood Agent]That’s brilliant. And the time is right! Quick- somebody get Kid Nation 2 into production before the WGA settles! Challenges? We don’t need no stinking challenges! It’s all about interaction! Interaction between children and other children! Intertaction between children and the wilderness! Interaction between children and the problems of modern society![/CHA]