Kid Nation? Yeah, Like That's A Good Idea

CBS is apparently coming up with a new “reality” show, Kid Nation, where 40 kids from 8 to 15 will live together in a ghost town in New Mexico. While I’m sure nothing will actually go wrong, I still hold out hope that it’ll turn into something like Children of the Corn or Lord of the Flies and not something like the society of children seen in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Yeah, it’s no fat march.

We’re going to have to combine the two and do a reality show of that Stephen King story where the kids walk until they die.

I’ve heard the kids are surprisingly cooperative and make smart & creative decisions.

hmm. I was kinda excited about this show. Now that I saw the video on the website, I am starting to get cold about it. Looks like these kids are going to be pontificating left and right. Gimme greediness for loot, please.

It would so cool if they sported bladed boomerangs like in Road Warrior.

On the subject of Fat March, at least it has the “cooperative” twist, where you get more money for helping others rather than eliminating them. Still won’t watch it though.


I’d just give them randomly selected weapons and let them fight it out Battle Royale style.
I wouldn’t want to be that fat kid with the glasses though.

The jamie Kennedy Experiment had a hidden camera sketch like this a few years ago that was hilarious. TV execs presented real parents with a promo for their new show ‘Child Island’ that played out like Lord of the Flies… and some still agreed to let their kids participate.

Ah, here it is.

Actually, thinking about it, a decade ago I would have had fun (if on such a show) trying to mess with the producers. Even more so if I was with some of my friends (my patrol in Boy Scouts for instance.) We’d probably have actually tried to turn it into Lord of the Flies or the like (without actually hurting anyone) as a joke, with cooperation from others. Or maybe indeed go all Mad Max or “Miri” on them. For instance, actually answering questions in a manner like “Parents? Oh, you mean the birthgivers.” or acting like the kids in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (with a little bit of the South Park episode “The Wacky Molestation Adventure” thrown in) and start calling the producer Captain Walker (maybe kidnapping a cameraman for “foolies” as well–and yes, I know that’s from “Miri”) and start doing oral history about “the before times” and “Tomorrow-morrow land.”

Of course, that would actually make for amusing television, so of course it could never happen.

I’m pretty sure I saw a show on BBC America like this where kids were left to their own devices in a house for a week. (?) I remember that they were segregated by sex and they compared how the two sexes delt with the situation.

I can’t remember which side did more violence to the house and which did more to each other.

There aren’t enough kids in my life, and I miss that, so I was sorta looking forward to Kid Nation. But if it’s going to be a competition, with kids being voted off – not so much. I don’t think they’re ready for that. Hell, adults have problems with it, and they have a better understanding of what they’re getting into.

The clip on the website linked in the OP said that nobody will be voted off. Kids will only go home if they want to.

My bad. I didn’t read the link, but saw the word “eliminating” in another post and assumed. When will I ever learn? :smack:

They are not voted off they can leave when they want which is a good plan because voting off kids will for sure lead to self esteem issues and no one wants that. I watched a commercial for it the other day and the little boy named Alex is super cute. I will watch it just to see him.
The show premieres tonight, I know I will check it out just to see how it goes down.

The San Diego paper had an article on this recently.

The parental agreement to sign.

Holy crap! Any parent who would sign that is a fucking lunatic.

Ever heard the term “stage mother”?

Boys Alone (2002) and Girls Alone (2003). Both used to air regularly on TRIO Network until that channel went under.

The boys made a crazy mess. They voted a leader the first night, as well as (unofficially) selecting one kid as the scapegoat. By the end of the week, the group had divided into two camps totally at war with each other (one group included the weaker kids AND the boy who was voted leader.) Don’t know how violent it would’ve gotten without cameras present. The camera crew did have to intervene once when the boys cornered a hedgehog and were stabbing it with spears. It was straight out of Lord Of The Flies.

The girls were messy, but not so much. They also spent more time working together, organizing mock-up fashion shows and stuff like that. The girls also had a higher tendency to crawl into a fetal position and cower until the social worker took them away. :frowning:

I was entertained, but I’ll hate myself if I watch it again. Tonight was the first four days compressed into an hour, so they didn’t have any trouble keeping it interesting. The kids were all pretty likable and some were downright adorable.

The kids were divided into four groups, and a Survivor-type challenge determined the jobs each group would have. They’re paid for those jobs – from a dollar a day down to a nickel.

That part’s cool, but it’s the big money prize that changes the show from an interesting experiment to just another reality show.

Every few days they have a town meeting, and the town council – four kids who were hand-picked by the producers and who arrived in a helicopter – choose one kid to get a gold star. Tonight it was Sophia, who had worked her butt off in the kitchen. (The cool thing was the council gave her the star even after she complained about the council members at the meeting.)

After giving her the gold star – and Sophia was ecstatic – the host revealed that the star is worth $20,000, and that every few days the four kids on the council will vote and award another kid $20K.

So instead of the kids working for the experience and a sense of accomplishment, they’re going to be working for big money.

It looks like they’re having fun and you can see how proud they are to have made it for just the four days. They’re mostly getting along, helping each other out, paying attention when someone’s upset or homesick, resolving conflicts, calming each other down, and they’re working.

But the money will change the dynamic. Too bad, I think.

Oh, there’s already a thread going. I didn’t realize that when I started mine. (not surprising, since the last post was at 7-something, and the show had been over for two hours on the East Coast when I started typing). Sorry 'bout that.

I know I will be watching it again, I could not turn the channel when it was on the show is actually better than I thought it would be, I was impressed.

Going back to the Gold Star this factor to me makes this living situation so much more realistic to that of real life. I mean we all work for a reason not just for a “sense of accomplishment or the experience”. This show is about showing that kids can run a town like adults do and that is what we do everyday, work to get our paychecks.