Kid Rock and Pam Anderson splitting up?!

First Britney and K-Fed and now this. She was so classy in her white wedding bikini. Irreconcilable differences? How can this be?
Apparently Paris Hilton is Britney’s rebound pal. Perhaps Pam can make it a blonde trio.

I figured they’d at least make it a year.

One of the rumors is that he didn’t like Borat and was pissed at her participation in it. I didn’t know she actually appeared in it??

Four months seems like an eternity for a love like this.

They did the wedding – four times – and the honeymoon, prolly a lot more than four times. All the fun times were over. It’s all downhill once you have to start, you know, living together and stuff. So they did the sensible thing.

Are they going to have multiple divorce ceremonies all over the world like their weddings?

Who wants to buy a used, plastic Barbie doll?

Featuring magic boobs that inflate and deflate! And inflate again!

Couldn’t happen to a cuter couple.

Obviously, Kid Rock.

I think Pamela Anderson is prolly quite a fun person to be around. Seems to have a nice sense of humor. And there’s that distinct lack of inhibitions. So I guess I would, if I were in the market.

She allowed herself to get roasted by the Friar’s Club, that’s a lot of points in my book.