Q for Pamela Anderson fans

I’ve heard that PAL was “discovered” at a football game in Canada.

Supposedly, a camera zoomed in on her, which showed up on the wide screen for the whole crowd to see, and the place went wild.

Any truth to this?

If so, did she flash them or something to make the place go wild.

I’ve seen pictures of her before she started looking as though she were made of plastic, and she was an attractive gal, but not the sort that (just on her looks) would make a stadium erupt.

She did look good back then, went downhill after she got on baywatch though. Also I think she had on a T-shirt with a local Beer brand logo on it.

I imagine that helped.

Tool Time helped.

Her pair of… eyes certainly helped…

Yer pal,

Does she really have any fans?

I am me… accept it or not.

Another person who ‘improved’ herself to the point of being ugly. She looked pretty nice back when she was herself. Then she got the breast enlargement, the collagen injections, and looked like a cartoon character.

I haven’t seen her since she had the implants out, but I’ll bet it’s a big improvement.

(Hoping that implants are going the way of the dodo)

I would say that she’s enormously talented, but that’s no longer true. Ever see that detective show see does? God what a POS,

Basically what Kent said. She was attending a local football game in a tight shirt with a beer company logo. The beer company (I think it was Labatts) was a local stadium sponser so they put her picture up on the jumbo screen at the stadium. From that she became a local spokesmodel for the beer company, then lost her lingerie for Playboy, then Tool Time, Baywatch, her home video series, the Nobel Prize for her economic work, …

Oh…fans OF Pamela Anderson… I thought this was about if P.A. was a fan of OURS. Because she is, you know. Just ask her.

…this has been a shamelessly self promotional message.

O p a l C a t