Kids in bars to eat

This summer I am chaperone to 18 high school age students to New Orleans for a week. Here in Wisconsin it is common to take kids of all ages into bars if they serve food. Normally if there isn’t a table they sit at the bar to order and eat and drink their sodas. Is this doable in NOLA if we have parental OK? A few are or will be 18 by then. Some of the cheaper food spots near our hotel are Bar &Grills.

In NOLA, you have to be 18 or older to enter establishments whose primary purpose is the serving of alcohol. You have to be 21 or older to be served.

Being called a Bar and Grill doesn’t mean it is primarily a bar. Applebee’s is listed as a bar and grill. I’d be more concerned about showing up with 18 kids and I assume a few chaperons. Not many places can handle an unexpected party of 20 or more… let alone at the bar.

I’ve never been to a bar that had kids on the menu.

I’ve never seen kids processed into “bars.” Are they, like, energy bars? Because that’s a lot of good protein there.

Yet another modest proposal…


Call them and ask

Take them to Felix’s Oyster Bar on Iberville and make them eat raw oysters. Make them eat raw oysters until they’re coming out of their ears. Make them eat raw oysters till they cry. Pampered little Wisconsin shits, I bet they’ve never eaten a raw oyster in their lives.

Seriously, though, Lousiana oysters are delicious and inexpensive (compared to oysters further up the Atlantic coast). They lack the character of the coldwater oyster, but a dab or horseradish and lemon perks 'em right up.

Goat can have a strong flavor, but I enjoyed it in a heavily-seasoned Indian dish.

Ah, WC Fields died too soon.

Aren’t there books on this? :slight_smile:
“How to Serve Man” is well known as a main course. Ask the chef.

“How To Serve Kids”—A little less known…but obviously, as an appetizer. Ask your waiter
In other words, nope.

Many of the bars in New Orleans also have video poker. Even if they are technically a restaurant, you have to be 21 to enter a place with visible poker machines (not that there are invisible ones. I think they can allow minors in if they have the machines hidden from general view).

Where are you staying? There are a lot of reasonable places to eat in NOLA with kids (we used to take ours down regularly). Acme Oyster House, Johnny’s Po Boy’s, Crescent City Brewing, Mona Lisa’s, Killer Po Boys (on Dauphine, not in the Erin Rose), Jagerhaus, Masperos, Oceania (featured on Kitchen Nightmares…don’t watch it before you go), Angeli, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, Mother’s, Napoleon House…and that’s just off the top of my head.

Wasabi on an oyster?

You need tobasco!

New Orleans oyster bars have set-ups for you to make your own “oyster dope.”

Ketchup, horseradish, lemons, hot sauce, vinegar, etc.

A crisp New England or Pacific Northwest oyster needs only a quick squirt of lemon juice. But a laid-back, louche Southern oyster wants some flavoring added.

Also, they cost less than a buck apiece, so you can slather them in ketchup and Tabasco if you want.

Most likely correct on this. I had them several decades ago. Felix’s isn’t too far from our hotel. I printed the menu to add to the info pile.

We’re on Canal Street I’ve been told. My older two children went to this same get together 6 years ago. They didn’t starve or run out of money. This group has different leaders, not as adventurous, also never done it before. I just don’t want to settle for the same old stuff they can have at home because no one told them of better places. I’m planning on walking into the next meeting with a dozen or so teen budget appropriate menu’s so they all have an idea of what the options are. The 9% sales tax is the first surprise I hadn’t budgeted for. We’re walking everywhere. I’m going to try to get the group to spring for transit passes to expand our range a bit.

Quality rant!

Speaking as a (Canadian) Midwestern product, we’re too smart to eat slimy things that came from the water. :stuck_out_tongue:

This includes fish, sea bugs like crabs and lobsters, and whatever the hell oysters are. Rock snot, I guess.

I hear ya there. I had them out of state. Only “oysters” eaten around here are the Rocky Mountain variety served at the local pub’s Testicle Festical. There they’re deep-fried like all good food is meant to be.

Most of the places I listed are walking distance from Canal (the Quarter is only like a mile long with most places being closer to Canal). You also have a large choice of fast food places right outside your door. I can’t say what’s affordable to your group, so you’ll need to look that up. Leave some extra time for eating. New Orleans is full of tourists and there can be some long lines at popular places. Trying to get a group of 18 in might be a challenge.

Check out the New Orleans Trip Advisor forum for some good info.