Kill Bill: Anyone sit through the end credits?

I heard a rumor (on a different message board) that there was an important scene in Kill Bill after all the credits were over. Is this true or are they referring to an earlier cut of the film?

I left like most people when the credits came up.

Nope, the current theatrical release has nothing after the credits. Early cuts showed a couple brief credits before the ‘epilogue’ of

Bill’s conversation with Sofie, and the revelation that the Bride’s daughter is still alive.

Nah. Nothing after the credits. Some interesting shout outs, but no more movie.

I delibrerately stayed because I didn’t want to be, well, like the OP (ew).

Not a thing after or during the credits, just fade to black.

I stayed as well, and was disapointed… I thought it was amusing though that in the “Special Thanks To…” section, the first person mentioned was ‘Governor’ Gray Davis.

I did, and I felt like a fool. The theater staff kept peeking their heads in to see if I had left. I wanted to explain my actions to them, but figured I’d just let them think I was some freak who got off on the credits. Needless to say that was 7 or 8 minutes wasted.

Thanks… I feel relieved.