Kill Bill Vol. 1 Weapon Questions

I don’ t think I’ll spoil the film by asking these questions because I’m not going to discuss plot. I just have a question about some weapon names.

In the scene with the Crazy 88 - there are two weapons that I have seen in other martial arts films. I’ve tried to find their names on line but with no luck.

One character had a pair of axes. Do those have a name other than “axes”? I’m assuming the would.

Also - Gogo uses a mace on the end of a chain. Is that simply called a mace on the end of a chain or is there a more formal name for it?

Thanks in advance -

I think the axe is called a kama, I dont know what the ball and chain is called.

Putting the ball (sometimes spiked, sometimes not) on the end of a chain connected to a stick of some sort makes it a Flail, IIRC.

At least in weapons of European descent, Asian weapons may hail from different traditions, although I belive function will usually dictate form, and that this is somewhat unversal.

A kama is more like a mini sickle. Weren’t the axes in the movie more like axes? Those would be something along the lines of the Li Kwei battle axes. As far as the ball and chain, I’ve never seen one in Asian martial arts. There are a number of weapons in Ninjitsu that use a chain with a weighted end, two weighted ends, and one with a kama at the end, but I’ve never seen a ball.

FWIW, a spiked ball on a chain, attached to a stick, is a “morning star”, and is a European weapon. A weight on a chain is a “manriki” in Japanese. A sickle with a weighted chain in Japanese is a “manriki-kusarigama”.

Twin axes strikes me as more a Chinese weapon system. They used twin knives called “butterfly” knives.

Haven’t seen the movie.