Kill Bill Body Count

Does anybody out there know exactly (but a good approximation will do) how many suits Uma Thurman kills in the scene before she fights O-Ren in the garden?

Mostly it’s curiosity, but if I get an answer, it means I have the best Halloween costume I’ve thought of in years.

Well, weren’t they called “The crazy 88”? So, 88 plus the schoolgirl, the lawyer, and a couple more, but minus the last of the 88 whom she spanks and sends on his way.

I don’t think the schoolboy was one of the 88. He wasn’t wearing a mask like the others so I think he was more of a groupie/wannabe.

Perfect. Thank you.

How many she kills, or just how many she maims? Not all of them were killed. Remember at the end she tells those who are still alive to leave (but to leave their fallen comrades and any severed limbs behind). So I’m not sure how many she actually killed.

I think the true measurement would be gallons of blood spilled.

[quoteIvar: Well, weren’t they called “The crazy 88”?[/quote]
In that early script, Budd and Bill have this exchange:

Of course, there have been revisions since then-- it remains to be seen whether or not that bit stays intact in Volume Two.

I should point out that “8” is considered a lucky number in the far east. A Japanse gang might use “88” as its name for that reason, and not necessarily to reflect the size of its membership.