Kill Bill: Where's the love?

I just watched Kill Bill Vol. 2 last night for the second time, and there’s one pivotal plot point that escapes me.

Why kill the Bride? Why all the hate? If that was explained, it went over my head.

Cuz she wanted out. She tried to disappear.


…Because she scorned him.
Simple enough reason.

The explain why Vivica A Fox, with her soccer mom lifestyle, wasn’t similarly targeted.

Makes sense, except it wouldn’t explan the hatred by everyone else.

I think everyone else hated her because they envied her abilities and Bill’s favoritism towards her. When she scorned him and he ordered her death, the others were more than happy to oblige.

I got the impression that after the El Paso Wedding Chapel Massacre the DIVAS basically broke up. Budd certainly didn’t work for Bill anymore, and he was allowed to continue his life, although that might have been punishment in itself. O-Ren went off and became a crime boss in her own right. It wouldn’t be a big deal for Vernita to go into retirement.

He didn’t hate her… he was really hurt by her. The way she disappeared and got pregnant by some other guy (at first he didn’t know it was his until he shot her). Sort of the “if I can’t have you nobody can”. That’s the way I saw it, at least.

IIRC I think believing that on top of rejecting him she suddenly appears very pregnant by other guy (Bill must have tortured himself thinking that there was an affair happening behind his back), that Bill would snap and order and her execution, seems that she was spared another shot because she had the chance to tell Bill the baby was his.

Yep. I think we basically got it all down. It wasn’t leaving the killing life that got her shot. It was:

  1. Making him think she was dead
  2. When he finally finds out she’s not, she finds out that she’s shacked up with some random slob and apparently is having his baby… and she never even told him why

Y’all left out the fact that she’s now trying to kill them all. That tends to bring out some latent anger issues.

Sure, but only after she got out of the coma. She and Elle had some sort of animosity before that. Wasn’t Elle in love with Bill too?

I seem to remember Bill saying something near the end about her trying to get away from her true nature. She was a killer and no matter how much time she spent with her loser fiance in a record store, should would always be a killer. I figured that kind of fit into the equation. He was putting her out of her misery. Anyway, shit, who knows. Maybe it was because Buck who liked to fuck paid him to do it.

She certainly seemed like it when she was sent to kill The Bride in the hospital. Elle was probably pretty jealous of The Bride, but she was also a lot angrier in general (contrast their handling of Pai Mei’s training).

Vernita seemed a little jealous of The Bride’s success as a killer, but nothing personal. O-Ren was probably just following orders (The Bride commented that she knew almost nothing about her at the time of the wedding hit), as was Bud.

Yeah, I love these movies, and if I come across them when channel-surfing I can almost never resist staying to watch them again.

Elle was Bill’s current lover, I’m pretty sure, but I don’t think he ever was with Vernita or O-Ren. In fact, they messed up the timeline a bit with Vernita since her girl was 4 also and Vernita should also have been as pregnant as a house at the time of the hit.

I loved how we always saw Elle kill (or try to kill) with poison, until the last battle. First Pai Mei, then the Bride with the injection, then Budd.

What an interesting point - I’d never considered this. Quite possibly Elle just liked the easier way out (and save herself from physically fighting if she could) to get what she wanted (Budd’s money, Beatrix’ death etc).

That’s certainly how I took it.

She scorned him, and it wasn’t that far in the past. She was pregnant with Bill’s baby so it was within the last 9 months.

Keep in mind, he tells her in KBV2 that maybe he overreacted so it doesn’t have to be anything bigger than that.

That was the point of the whole Superman story, right? Whereas most superheroes have an alter-ego of the superhero, Superman’s alter-ego is being a mild-mannered dork. Similarly, Bea’s alter-ego would have been working in the record shop.

But, I don’t think his motive was to take her out of her misery. At least he didn’t really indicate that. I think it just goes back to the scorning.

Bill: (snip) Oh, and for the record, letting someone think that someone they love is dead when they’re really not is quite cruel. (snip) I overreacted.

The Bride: You overreacted?

Bill: I’m a killer. A murdering bastard, you know that. And there are consequences to breaking the heart of a murdering bastard.

ftg, I think that quote is important. When you run a gang of hired killers, your threshhold for thinking, “I’m going to kill your ass!” is probably a lot lower than it is for most people. You don’t piss off a guy with a stable of assassins.


What about the Bride’s love? When she finds Bill, she also discovers she has a daughter. Hers and Bil’'s. Whom Bill has been raising for four years. Now, shouldn’t she have thought twice about killing Bill and taking the child away from the only home and only parent she had ever known?