Question about Kill Bill *spoiler*

At the end of the movie, you see a caucasian guy with a hat on, who appears to be standing out the front of the wedding hall, and he says something like

Or something.

What I want to know is, was this guy one of the 4 Viper Assassination Gang that we saw standing over The Bride during one of the flashback scenes, or was this one of the detectives who was at the scene of the crime at the start of the movie?

He was the guy that was one of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. You can see him along with the three women standing over her in the flashback scenes.

I believe you’re talking about Michael Madsen’s character (Sidewinder), and yes, he is one of the four assassins of Viper.

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Thank you kindly.

He’s also just called “Budd.” He’s #3 on the Death List.

Mild “spoiler” for Volume Two – (Not plot – just detail on who Budd is.)Budd is Bill’s boozy, washed-up brother. He quit the whole Deadly Viper scene and has spent the last few years working as a bouncer/janitor in a crappy cowboy bar and trying to drink himself to death.

nice spoiler technique, larry mudd!

i have a kill bill related question as well. she looks at her hand after she wakes up from coma, and goes “4 years” how did she know it had been 4 years by looking at the palm of her hand?

Boy, a PERFECT character for Madsen!

hansolo I don’t think she knew it had been four years unless part of her assassin training included palmistry or an advanced study of the physiology of aging. I mean, imagine if she were asked to chase and kill someone who had last been seen years ago… she’d be able to tell how much they’d aged, and that would be useful.

More likely, she noticed that her callouses were gone, and inferred that a length of time had gone by.

It is also possible that she sees things that we don’t – this is Tarantino directing, and he’d like nothing more than to reward your nitpicking with a NYAH NYAH moment where we see the scene from her perspective, and The God of Vengeance has handed her this year’s Assassin Playmates Calendar.

Good question, Han. Was wondering the same thing myself.

The Bride was aware what was going on. Remember she can recall Buck’s previous transgressions before working him over.

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According to the script, she counts the lines in the palm of her hand.

Sure, it’s silly.

Like tree rings? Is that even a thing people can do?

I’m pretty sure she’s meant to be looking at her “life line”. Realistic? What movie were you watching? :slight_smile: I think it’s meant to convey that she’s a super-badass in some unconventional ways. Standard Kung Fu Movie stuff.

It’s pretty unambiguous in the script: