Kill Bill plot theory...SPOILER!!!

Am I the only one who thinks that Vivica Fox’s little girl might actually be the Bride’s? She would be the correct age. In fact, the girl says she’s 4 years old. If Vivica didn’t get pregnant until AFTER the Bride was “killed”, the girl could not be more than 3 yrs, 9 months. Bride was in a coma for 4 years 6 months, and looked to be about 9 months pregnant at the time of her “death.” If Vivica got pregnant that night and carried to term, her baby would have been born when the Bride still had 3 yrs 9 months to go in her coma. Hence, the little girl either isn’t 4 or isn’t Vivica’s.

Of course there is the matter that the little girl is black and we are led to believe that Bill is the father, but hey, it’s a QT film and it wouldn’t shock me if it were true with no explanation as to the racial difference.

In the script, the Bride’s daughter is blonde and the very spit and image of her momma.

[spoiler]THE BRIDE: Who’s your little friend?

He glances down at the sleeping child.

BILL: Oh, you mean the little tow head next to me, who looks extraordinarily like you?

THE BRIDE: Yeah, that one.

BILL: Her name is B.B.[/spoiler]

Major spoiler from right near the end:The Bride and B.B. in a motel room. They both wear bath towels and both of their blonde heads are wet. The Bride sits behind her on the bed, combing the little one’s head.

Of course, that’s an old script and there have been changes since then, but mostly along the lines of cutting out a good deal of “druggy” bits and softening the rape scene up a bit – major plot points seem pretty much intact.

Ah well. So it was a mathematical screwup on QT’s behalf then.

The Bride was in a coma for five years, not four.

4 years 6 months if I remember correctly.

Hmm…the online script says five years, four months. I guess he must have changed it in the movie. Never mind.

I wondered why a four year old was riding the bus.

I posted the same question in another thread in which I also wondered if the samurai sword The Bride receives from Hattaro is the same one that later kills the hillbillies in PULP FICTION. Did you notice that O-Ren’s henchmen wore the same clothing as Jules/Vincent/most of the Reservoir Dogs?

Hey I could be wrong, but it would be the first time. :slight_smile: