Kill BIll vol 2 Question [Unboxed Spoiler]

I’m sitting here watching Kill Bill Vol. 2, and I’m still a bit confused. Why did Elie Kill Bud? I know she said she did it casue he’s a dumb Hick and Kiddo deserved to be killed by someone better. But how the hell did she expect Bill to swallow her BS story that Kiddo took her out? IT just doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense. Some one enlighten me with the straightest of the dopes. :smiley:

Well, I figured that part of the reason was that while she wanted the sword, she also didn’t want to part with that much money and give it to him. So with her plan, she got the Honzo sword and gets to keep the money.

That, and the fact that she’s just an evil bitch. :wink:

She’s an overconfident narcissistic bitch that knows that BILL knows that Kiddo is very, very good?

Why wouldn’t Bill believe her, anyway? She’d already killed two (?) other members of the Deadly Vipers, and unlike Bud, they hadn’t spent the last five years getting drunk in strip clubs on a nightly basis. Really, Bud should have been the easiest of the lot to off.

How do you get ahold of a black mamba on such short notice, anyway?

I mean, I bought a wicker basket from Pier One once and a black mamba was pased out inside, but I think that was a fluke.

Yeah, but he was the only one with half a brain.

True, getting the drop on Kiddo is not an insignificant accomplishment. However, he still made the classic bad guy mistake. The protagonist was still alive when he left.

Yeah, he had beer. He could have camped out with Ernesto on the gravesite all night, and Beatrix should have lifted her face out of the grave to be looking right down the barrel of his rifle.

Agree that Elle is greedy and venal. She’s killed with ‘poison’ twice–Pai Mei with the fish and Budd with the snake. She has no honor at all.

I liked the touch of the black mamba recoiling and hissing in fear as the deadlier Black Mamba walked past it out of the trailer after the eye-gouging fight.

Will there be a Deluxe director’s cut DVD issued of these, or should I go with the ones they have out now? Haven’t bought any of them yet.

The black mamba would be a symbolic way for Beatrix to kill someone, although Bill would likely be suspicious of how dishonorable it is; more of Elle’s style than Bea’s. Bill also knew that Budd was completely unprepared for a fair fight; he asked Budd whether he had kept up with his swordplay and was not given a good answer. He could believe Budd was killed by just about anyone.

But remember that he didn’t ask Bea anything about it when they met. I’m sure he figured out what really happened. So this shows not that Bill is gullible but that Elle is way overconfident in both her combat and deception abilities.

True, but I did say “half a brain”.

I got the impression he didn’t want to kill Kiddo. He just did it that way cause he jut, when it came down to it, wasn’t a killer anymore. Maybe it was his own form of penance, like Vernita Green and maybe O-Ren.

Maybe it was just me, but when Kiddo showed up at Bud’s trailer, it semed like she wasn’t even concerned about killing him (she didn’t even glance at his body on the floor).

Hrm. Yeah, I got the same feeling. Bud wasn’t a killer. He seemed resigned to it all (“We deserve to die”) and thus, he was actually less of a ‘bad guy’ than the other members of the DVAS. Heck, I suspect if Bea got him dead-to-rites after comming up out of the ground, he’d have let her kill him. Having Elle kill him established her as more of a backstabbing villain; more someone we’d really want to see Bea kill.

It’s conceivable that a bra-full of rock salt taught Bea her lesson about charging in wildly and she chose to listen at the trailer beforehand, hearing Bud and Elie’s conversation, Bud’s demise, and Elie’s call to Bill.

Either that or Quentin didn’t fully think it through. Whatever floats your boat.