Kill them all

Why are we worried about ‘collateral damage’?

These fuckers didn’t worry about the innocent people killed on Sept 11. Why should we be concerned about them?

Because we’re better people than the terrorists.

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What a wonderful idea. Repay the murder of innocents by indiscrimiately murdering more of them. :rolleyes:

Let’s make a point…

no matter who dies

Is there an echo in here? I think I’ve heard this tune before.

newzucanuze, here’s a friendly tip: get to know the community you’re diving into before voicing “kill them all” sentiments, m’kay?

More enlightening posts from newzucanuze. My low expectations (already in only 5 posts) have just gotten lower. Over here the poster already stated “I just wanna flame somebody!”

It seems he’s still looking for that fight. I say let’s not give it to him.

The time for bullshit is done. This is war. As my President said, you are either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.

Who’s side are you on?

Well, then call me a fucking terrorist, because I’m not part of the mindset that’s dragging Sikhs off trains, or murdering Sikh store owners, or leaving death threats at Lebanese owned businesses because they “look Arabic”. That’s what the “kill them all” mindset is, racist, reactionary bullshit.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

And damint, it’s whose!

Do you want to loise this war? I think not.

It’s going to get down and dirty, but the USA, must, and will, win.

Now anyone who doesn’t want to kill indiscriminately is with the terrorists? You’re attacking the patriotism of anyone who disagrees with you? Thank you for proving that you are only here to start fights.

Let me put this plainly. newzucanuze said:

This is exactly the mindset of the terrorists who attacked us on 9-11. We are not terrorists.

Please fuck off at my earliest convenience.


Yes, we can, and yes, we will.

We’ve already proved it by NOT carpet bombing the place into a glass parking lot.

Crunchy, you make the decision:

5000 Americans die


5000 Afghanis die

There is no negotation: you have 3 minutes to make your choice…

Smart ass! Can you make that decision?

And what relevance does this have on anything? It is not a choice between 5000 Americans or 5000 Afganis. 5000 Americans are already dead, what good does indiscriminately killing 5000 Afganis do? Do you think mindless slaughter of innocents will stop future terrorist attacks, or would it strengthen the terrorists resolve - proving in their eyes that we are an evil nation - as their attack has strengthened our resolve? It won’t rebuild to WTC, it won’t undo the damage. And it won’t necessairly punish the guilty parties.

Your example is pointless, your OP is childish.
Stop trying to pick fights.

Dude, lay off the caffeine.

It’s not the Afghans who are killing us. It’s the terrorists. We can make a case for extending that responsibility to the Taliban, but here’s a newsflash for ya, hon: they’re killing their own people, too. Do you think that if we go in and obliterate 5000 or 500,000 Afghans that the Taliban will see the light? THEY DON’T CARE. All they will do is use it as a rallying point for their cause – we will be giving them proof beyond a reasonable doubt (in their minds, at least) that we are, indeed, waging a war on Islam. Made-for-TV propaganda.

Personally, I think that there is no reasoning with the terrorists and they should be rooted out and exterminated. Given its track record, the Taliban should be removed from power. I also know, though, that simply removing them from power and saying “see ya!” is going to create a political vacuum that will only serve to further destabilize the region, something that we definitely do NOT want.

I am not picking a fight, the fight has already been picked.

Your post count means nothing; are you with the United States in this war?


Please, for the love of God…put down your joint and 40 and back away from the keyboard slowly.

Then unplug it and throw it in the nearest lake. Be sure to jump in after it!






Sole? No. Definitely not the word I’m looking for.