Kill them in prison

These two fucktards should have been abused and killed in prison. Fuck the justice system and the moronic judges who let this shit go.

Wow. I, I, uh…geez. When i read your username as the OP, and I saw the title of your thread, I was ready to come thru the doors swinging!! But i read that shit and i fucking agree with you dude. like.

Rather, they should have been sent to prison and given extensive psychological counseling. Treating people like bacteria doesn’t make society better.

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Are you fucking kidding me? These are both deliberate, predatory acts that the victims will deal with forever.

I’d like to know who those two insults to pond scum are related to, and how much they paid the judges to do this.


They should in a cell together with the judges.
Man, oh man, that just tears it.

He kept her in a dog cage, and they dropped the rape charges on a plea deal? What the hell is going on?

Really? In these cases, treating them like bacteria seems appropriate.

Only if you intend on letting them out.

What they did was despicable, and there is no question they should be removed from the civilian population, but no less despicable is our societal attitudes toward offenders of all stripe. We have an Old Testament mentality and yet we wonder why our culture is so violent. Maybe treating all people - even people we’re really, really angry at - as humans and then trying to actually try and make people better would be a good place to start.

Certainly they should be sent to prison for a very long time. There’s a number of goals that accomplishes: At the very least, it protects society from them, and it might act as a deterrent to others considering similar acts. Killing them, however, doesn’t accomplish anything, and leaving them alive might accomplish something: We should be studying people like this, so we can learn how to prevent other humans from becoming evil monsters like them, and to recognize the evil monsters when they do show up so we can hopefully prevent future such events.

And yes, you could also describe this extensive study as “treating them like bacteria”. But it’s with a purpose.

I like how if I hover over the link it has more detail about the story than you provided.

Ah yes, it’s time for the regular “prison is an appropriate place for people to be raped and murdered, but just the right people” thread.

Maybe we should give the prison rapists time off for good beahvior?

FTR, yes I agree that this appears to be a massive failure of justice, but extra-judicial murder and rape by fellow inmates (or prison staff) is never an acceptable or desirable solution.

Well over 95% of inmates are released well before they die.

Prisons need to be humane, or else it not only degrades the inmates, but it degrades and dehumanizes all the people who work in prisons. Decent staff turn into cynical, corrupt, depressed, demoralized citizens when they work in such environments.

I believe there’s a certain class of criminal whose actions place them beyond the scope of society’s moral concern. Rapists fall squarely into that class. They should spend the rest of their lives in jail. By all means treat them humanely while they’re in there. But they should never, ever leave. One strike and they’re out.

So what.

Make up your mind, man.


But you don’t understand. The girls that were raped and held captive wanted it. And they weren’t really hurt. The men couldn’t help themselves. They were seduced. They were set up, and will never do it again. They deserve to be set free. They were the actual victims.

The above post is sarcasm that reflects how most of these lying pieces of shit defend their actions. And they totally believe it. It in no way reflects my value system, which believes these men should go to prison to be held captive and raped, since they think it’s okay to do it to other people.

A bold new vision! But the legal details? For instance, say the guy committed rape once, how many times need he be buggered for the sake of justice? Ten to one? Fifty? Will the Corrections Dept. issue news bulletins to the general population about new arrivals?