Killing a Geocities mail address

Years ago I signed up for a free Geocities mail account. Then Geocities got bought by Yahoo, and it was converted to a Yahoo account, for which I now pay.

By default Yahoo set an alias from my old Geocities mail account to my new Yahoo one. This is still alive, but I never, ever use it.

My problem is that the geocities address got onto some terrible spam list - 99% of the mail I now receive is from this alias, and it’s driving me mental.

Does anyone know how I can disable it? I’ve mailed support at Yahoo several times, but received no reply.

Are you able to still access the account? If so, get in there and change the mail options to redirect all incoming email to trash.

Thanks for replying!

No, unfortunately the geocities accounts all died when Yahoo took over. The geocities servers disappeared. The MX records seem to be pointing towards Yahoo, and the diverting happens there.


Sounds like repeated efforts to contact Yahoo to correct the problem may be all you have left.

Then again, you could create some new Yahoo accounts for yourself and abandon the old ones now receiving SPAM.

Ain’t technology combinded with crappy customer service wonderful? :smiley: