Having signed up for Yahoo! Plus I noticed that I had many tools to combat spam newly available to be. One of these showed that most was coming from my old address which I haven’t used since about 1996 but is still alive.

So I went to Geocities and deleted my account there but it seems that I’m still receiving the mail.

Does anyone know how to finally delete it?

Google just points me to Yahoo! which owns Geocities now but doesn’t seem to show me how to kill my old email address…

Do you mean that you have been receiving spam emails that appear to be from your Geocities account?

If so, they are almost certainly not coming from that account. A lot of spam/virus emails use spoofed addresses, so are more likely originating from some other machine that has both your old and new addresses in an address book somewhere. Maybe the spammers are even using their harvested email address lists to spoof genuine “From” addresses on their junk, so a virus may not even be responsible at all. (This method is my own conjecture; I don’t knw if they actually do this, but I wouldn’t put it past them.)

Deleting the Geocities account won’t make any difference, anyway.

I mean that the spam is being sent to my Geocities address (I spread it far and wide back in the cheerful 90’s when I was happy to get spam just to have something to read).

I have a filter in my Yahoo! a/c that sends any mail sent to to a special folder. Looking at about 73 per day atm (that used end up in my Yahoo! inbox).

I just want to make it so that if you email it’ll bounce back as ‘mailbox unreachable’ or something, i.e. kill the address…

I see. Can’t you just delete the forwarding rule?

Nope. I don’t think so.

When Yahoo! bought Geocities they forwarded the geocities accounts to Yahoo! inbox. In my options I see…

Yahoo! ID: ptegan
Yahoo! Mail Address:
GeoCities Mail Address:**

But no where does it let me delete the geocities address.