Killing a world leader..?

You have been so helpful in the other threads I was wondering if I was going to kill a world leader who would you suggest…think ease of target here people. I don’t want to go after the Pope because he has that damn bullet-proof golf cart.

You sound reasonable…it must be time to up my medication

Bill & Hillary Clinton, because the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy will protect you (grin).

“I had a feeling that in Hell there would be mushrooms.” -The Secret of Monkey Island

Hmmmmm, Patricia – what’s going on here?

Recent threads you’ve started:

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Put them together and, well…you sure you’re okay? <veg>

Oops – the “us” in your name denotes male.

Sorry. (Whew!)


I wouldn’t worry about it, unless we hear of a woman claiming extenuating circumstances due to PMS in the shooting death of a noted technophobic polymath…

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I’d say go after Generalissimo Francisco Marco of Spain.

Real easy hit.


Or Ferdinand Franco of the Phillippines :slight_smile:

go after Jean Chretien (prime Minister of Canada, you ignoramus). All he has to protect himself is an inuit carving. It’s a Canadian thing.

Sincerely, SDStaff hopeful

Is Franco still dead?

Doesn’t need to be a leader of a country right? You could go for the Dalai Lama but then you’d have to keep going after his reincarnation. I suspect that would get tiring after a while. The Chinese would probably give you asylum though.