Kim Kardashian: I'd STILL Drink Her Bathwater!

So some people think she (and her sisters?) are air-heads with no talent.

Okay, fine, but did they ever profess to have talent?

Just saw them on Piers Morgan’s show and was very imboobed with what they had to say regarding their successful business and the way they were raised.

They are beautiful young ladies who achieved a measure of success with their looks and business sense, and I don’t see a thing wrong with that.



I have nothing against here as a person, I just don’t understand why she’s famous. Shouldn’t the entertainment industry focus on people who actually create something?

Well to her credit, Kim actually did go out and do something: make a sex tape. I wonder if the rest of her family kisses her fat ass in gratitude every single day, because if it weren’t for that, they wouldn’t be where they are today. And, I must be in the minority here, but I actually think Kim looks really gross; she’s about as fresh faced as a Madame Tussaud wax figure.

Kim is supposedly launching a singing career later this year (which I’m sure many will dismiss no matter what the music sounds like, as they did with Paris Hilton) so I suppose at least she is trying to be famous for something. If I were her I wouldn’t start singing because unless she comes out with something mindblowing there’s no way it won’t be treated as a joke, and could impact on the money she makes elsewhere. She’s probably better off just being famous and doing very little.

I don’t have a problem with the Kardashians because they know they’re famous for next-to-nothing, they milk it for all it’s worth, and I can’t say I blame them. I don’t actively like them either, they’re just sort of there.

I don’t care for the cult of the Kardashians, but I’ll be damned if I don’t think she’s pretty cute in the new Old Navy ad.

Kim Kardashian sells clothes

She doesn’t appear completely talentless in this ad, anyway.

That’s no moon, er um … it’s not her.

NSFW, but Google her name plus W magazine for nude pictures. I agree with whomever upthread who said her face looks too unnatural, but the rest of her is pretty much my ideal, real or not.

I’d be delighted to never her of her ever again.

That doesn’t explain anything, though… There are probably thousands of leaked sex tapes of nobodies out there. Hers was only significant because she’s a celebrity. But what made her a celebrity to begin with?

I dunno why black guys dig her so much. To me, she’s a bit overweight in the butt.

Oh wait…

Did those nobodies have a publicist?

Geeze, Quaz, I might use her pantyhose to make tea, but drinking her bath water? One man’s fetish…:smiley:

She used her notoriety to start a reasonably successful clothing line with her family. It’s kind of the same deal as Jessica Simpson. She got famous for one thing (the sex tape) and is now making her money off other stuff, like the clothing line and personal appearances and such.

I don’t see what makes her any better or worse than bloggers who make money for being themselves. Thanks to social media and entertainment, there are new ways of making money for people who are otherwise useless but excellent self-promoters.

Personally, I think she is very naturally pretty but she’s starting to go overboard on the plastic surgery, especially on the face. She was smoking around 2006-2008but she’s edging into bad plastic surgery territory.

The Bebe partnership with the Kardashians was perfect. That entire clothing line is so ethnic mafia, which I’m saying out of love, because I used to wear it all the time.

She used to be part of Paris Hilton’s entourage and got photographed a lot as a result of it.

Agreed. I looked at some then-and-now pics, and that seems spot on.

Anymore, the point is not to be pretty, it’s to be a product. If you’re a nice looking youngish thing and you have plastic, you’re validating very important cultural, esthetic, and commercial assumptions.

Bet it tastes like ass.

I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of someone else.

I think they mean that Jessica started out singing and now makes most of her money doing other stuff, just like Kim, except replace “singing” with “sex tape”.

The man in it with her (Ray J, an R&B singer) was a celebrity pre-sex tape.

She looks like her ass was stung by 20 million bees.

Not to mention being grotesque plasticky overhyped mannequinoids who make Paris Hilton look like a natural beauty.

Nor do I, if only they’d stop worshiping them over at, or featuring them on magazine covers so I have to look at them in the supermarket checkout line.

No I’m not. I lived in LA for several years and am in Bebe/Arden B’s target demographic because I fit the profile of upper middle class ethnic mafia of a certain age-they sent me her partnered fashion spreads. She has partnerships with Bebe and makes a shitload of money off QVC. Her family owns boutiques in Los Angeles known as Dash. Jessica Simpson parlayed her mediocre B-list singing career + reality show status into a Dillards fashion empire (she’s a billionaire). Kim K parlayed her Paris entourage notoriety into sex tape notoriety into QVC fashion money. Who do you think I’m mistaking her for exactly?